August 06, 2012

Disaster Survival Guide

I've compiled all the emergency phone numbers and some videos you might need to save your loved ones, your friends or strangers. I hope this would help. Feel free to share this post. Stay safe everyone!!!
Find out how often your location is likely to be flooded.
Know the flood warning system in your community and be sure your family knows it.
Keep informed of daily weather condition.
Designate an evacuation area for the family and livestock.
Assign family members instructions and responsibilities according to an evacuation plan.
Keep a stock of food which requires little cooking and refrigeration; electric power may be interrupted.
Keep a transistorized radio and flashlight with spare batteries, emergency cooking equipment, candies, matches and first aid kit handy in case of emergency.
Store supplies and other household effects above expected flood water level.
Securely anchor weak dwellings and items.

Watch for rapidly rising flood waters.
Listen to your radio for emergency instructions.
If you find it necessary to evacuate, move to a safe area before access is cut off by flood waters.
Store drinking water in containers, water service may be interrupted.
Move household belongings to upper levels.
Get livestock to higher ground.
Turn off electricity at the main switch in the building before evacuating and also lock your house.

Avoid areas subject to sudden flooding.
Do not attempt to cross rivers of flowing streams where water is above the knee.
Beware of water-covered roads and bridges.
Avoid unnecessary exposure to the elements.
Do not go swimming or boating in swollen rivers.
Eat only well-cooked food. Protect leftovers against contamination.
Drink clean or preferably boiled water ONLY.

Re-enter the dwellings with caution using flashlights, not lanterns or torchers. Flammables may be inside.
Be alert for fire hazards like broken wires.
Do not eat food and drink water until they have been checked for flood water contamination.
Report broken utility lines (electricity, water, gas and telephone) to appropriate agencies authorities.
Do not turn on the main switch or use appliances and other equipment until they have been checked by a competent electrician.
Consult health authorities for immunization requirements.
Do not go in disaster areas. Your presence might hamper rescue and other emergency operations.
Flood are aggravated by factors resulting from the carelessness and indifference of people usually before floods occur.

Regulate cutting of trees.
Report illegal loggers and kaingeros.
Report illegal construction of fishponds and other establishments in waterways.
Do not throw garbage in esteros and rivers.
Help clean the neighborhood.
Support community activities intended to lessen the occurrence of floods.
Avoid throwing anything like plastic wrappers anywhere which may clog or block the drainage system

Public Safety Videos


Emergency services 112 or 911
Police 117 or 168

Police & Fire 757 or 116
Meralco (632) 631-1111
Telecommunication National Operator 109
International Operator 108
National Telecommunications Center (632) 926 7722
PLDT Disruption repair and service 173

Mobile Services
Sun Cellular 395-8000
Globe Handyphone 730-1000
Smart (632) 8881111
Info Lines
Directory Assistance 187 or 114
Tourist Hotline (632) 524 1728; (632) 524-1660
Dept. of Tourism Assist Line 524
NAIA (632) 877- 0000/1109
Flight Information (632) 877-3327; (632) 8771-3544
Domestic Airport (632) 832-8566
Railway StationDOTC (632) 727 1710
Philippine National Railways (632) 287-3062
Road & Transport
TRAFFIC (632) 444-8399
NDRRMC (632) 911-1406; (632) 911-1873; (632) 911-1906; (632) 911-5061; (632) 912-0984; (632) 912-2665; (632) 912-3046; (632) 912-5296; (632) 912-5668; 0917-7334256
Help hotlines
(632) 734-2118; (632) 734-2120

Public safety text messages
from telcos: 1456

Bureau of Fire Protection
NCR (632) 729-5166; (632) 410-6254; (632) 407-1230
Bureau of Fire Protection, Region III (Central Luzon)
Hotline (045) 9634376

Philippine Coast Guard
(632) 527-6136; (632) 527-3877

Red Cross
143; (632) 911-1876; (632) 527-0000
MMDA 136; (632) 896-6000
Taguig emergency hotline 1623
Meralco 16220; (632) 631-1111; 0917-5592824; 0920-9292824

DZBB Super Radyo:

(632) 924-3022; (632) 924-3018; (632) 925-3680

MWSS (632) 888-8244
DSWD (632) 852-8081; (632) 951-7119
DTI (Price Monitoring) (632) 751-3330
Department of Education (DepEd) (632) 638-4108
North Luzon Expressway (632) 580-8911
South Luzon Expressway (632) 824-1924


Animal Rescue Hotline: 817-5292

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