August 03, 2012

August Mood Board

With fiery determination, I scavenged the Internet for beautiful pictures of Jessica and Pam from True Blood. As I've said in a previous entry, Mark and I are really into True Blood Season 5. Sharing our favourite clips from previous episodes dominates our Skype sessions. There was actually this one time where I searched for a compilation of "Pam's Greatest Moments" and let it play while I did my make up inspired by Jessica. Ok, enough about vampires.
 I'm currently engrossed in my Manager's Course and a caricature of one of my favorite TV shows of all time, Daria, has really given me my much needed back-to-school kick. While traveling to school, I usually listen to Lana Del Rey, dreaming of Alexander Skarsgard, channeling Dita Von Teese and her elegant disposition, picturing my shih tzus, just because.  Iggy, my little baby, has been sleeping in my room, always following me like a little chick. Cutie.

See that lady with pink hair and pin-up make up? I've been wanting to look like that for 2 years now but the boyfriend and work would not allow me to. I know one day I can have my pink hair. This beautiful woman was able to pull it off effortlessly, I could cry. Alright time to study now.

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Listening to : Hang It Up by The Ting Tings
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