August 18, 2012

45 Things I Wanted to Tell People I Know

It's 3AM, I had to wake up at 6AM for school but I just can't seem to get any rest. When I surf around the net, FB and other sites, there are just a lot of things I wanted to tell people but didn't have time to or maybe I didn't want to. So I'm posting this instead. If you feel that I'm talking to you, then maybe it IS you. Don't feel too special though, maybe one entry talks about two or maybe five people. If you feel strongly about any of what I've written, you can talk to me on FB. I just want to detox.

1.      I love you with all my heart and I'm sorry I was too weak.

2.     You confuse me.

3.     You are such a beautiful woman and I wish you know how beautiful you are.

4.     We can never be and from the bottom of my heart, I am so, so sorry.

5.     He's not worth it. Please leave him permanently and see how amazing you can be.

6.     Please stay talented and cool. I hope we could talk more.

7.     I once loved you and it seems that you've erased our memories together. I'm afraid my head is failing as well and I can't seem to remember how we ever came to be or how happy we really were.

8.     You've grown up to be a bitch and I don't know if I should also blame myself for that.

9.     I still feel uneasy with our friendship. There's something so fake about it. Might have a break up with you soon, darling. We've tried.

10. You have the most charming face I've ever seen. Such a pretty girl.

11. I can't believe that you've become a jerk. Was your first try at a relationship with me really that bad that you ended up going from girl to girl right after each relationship? Haven't you learned that you need time to assess, process, learn, reflect before taking the first steps to moving on? Now that I see you like this, you've become someone I used to tell my friends I will avoid like the plague.

12. You disappoint me.

13. I am still stunned that you still have power over me. You still make me feel like a bright eyed school girl.

14. Once you were nice. Once we were okay. Then you learned that he and I became close. Suddenly, you became cold. I don't understand. Why are you so possessive of someone you tore to pieces? You had your chance. Don't you think I value our friendship?

15. I know you lurk around my FB and my blog. It's fine but you don't do anything on my page, you don't even reply to my messages of concern, love or support. You only message me when you need something. You only talk to me when you feel like it. Why do I even keep you on my "friends" list? What do I call people like you anyway?

16. Your paranoia is quite unbecoming.

17. Sometimes it's hard to see you getting fooled by men that way. You are an intelligent woman so please stop this self destruction. God, I hope you don't ruin your career (which I love) by getting pregnant. Please. Unintentionally, you remind me that there's more to life than a relationship and that I shouldn't get married now because working girls are the sexiest.

18. I know you lurk around my FB and my blog then backstab me. Thanks for the views and stay insecure.

19. My mother once told me to look up to you. You had a good life ahead of you. A flourishing career, travel opportunities, promotions etc. Then you got shagged by a guy you only met and barely knew (literally). A guy who had no dreams and is still in his same, lame entry level position even though he is 10 years older than I am. You let him fuck you over AGAIN. I hope you know you WERE a role model. You're not a fucking baby maker. I pray for you, really. 

20. You need to relax and enjoy little things in life.

21. Know-it-all.

22. I admire your originality and creativeness. Please continue to inspire people.

23. Stop getting jealous all the time.

24. Stop copying everything and pirating lives. Jesus. Live your OWN life.

25. Stop trying to emulate someone else's lifestyle.

26. You’re starting to become boring.

27. I am thankful for your kindness and patience.

28. I am thankful for your sincerity.

29. To all those who have wronged you and me: Success is the sweetest and most delightful revenge. Right now, I can honestly say: Up yours suckers.

30. I love people who dress wild. I love people who have neon hair colors. I love people who are not afraid to wear whatever they want. I love people who are unapologetic of what they do and what futures they've made for themselves. I love people who puke rainbows but are not hipsters and are open to everything without bias. Kudos.

31. I love artistic people; creative and talented who are truly passionate at what they do.

32. Your issues are not exclusive. Get a grip.

33. If you're sad, cry. There's no shame.

34. Everything is going to be okay.

35. You can do better than that. You're hotter than you think you are.

36. Your lover has cheated on you for the nth time. If you're looking for a sign that enough is enough, here it is. LEAVE this awful, abusive relationship, reflect and have a little "Me-time". Your family and friends are worried about you.

37. You are loved.

38. You are wonderful.

39. You are unique, really. No one can look so fine in a suit like you.

40. Exercising and having a healthy lifestyle by eating the right kind of food is much better than "dieting". Stop torturing yourself and eat right! You're already sexy in someone's eyes. And I think that it's more than enough.

41. Don't let titles intimidate you. In any life and death situation, your title may only prolong your life but not "save" you.

42. Thank you for not teaching us what to think but how to ask questions.

43. In the end, it doesn't really matter. One thing.

44. You read all of these? Really? Why, thank you. Now, go out and tell your parents that you love them, kiss your brothers and sisters, thank your friends for putting up with all your mood swings, have protected sex with your lover and live your life to the fullest.

45. It's all going to be alright in the end, if it's not alright then it's not the end.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. They help. :)

  2. some people just need a direct sign before they cAn open up...guess they're jUst scared that they could Be wrong--saying things they thoUght someone knew about, thenRealizing it was all in their head... --Needed a sign, guess that's why i was scared to make a move... thanks, this article gave me the courage,,, maybe not the direct sign though, but it's enough to make me start engines... thanks...

    1. I'm glad you feel that way! Thank you for your comment! Good luck! :)

  3. some people just need a direct (not indirect) sign before they can muster the courage to open up... i guess i was too scared that maybe what i thought was okay, couldn't be... you know, i thought the person would be ok with it then only to get a rude awakening... ah,,, situations... thanks so much... this really helped me muster courage...although still no direct sign though... but i'm renewed...thanks...btw you're very beautiful... r u an actress? you could be a good teacher though

  4. Hi Millie, #15 was spot-on. I have this female friend.. well, we hardly communicate anymore (since she's the clingy-to-her-bf type). I used to feel bad about it, most especially when they'd invite me to hang-out with them (I HATE being the third wheel). Instead of sulking, I decided to go out and meet new people, go to events, etc. I'm not mad at my friend (never was), it's just that now finally I understand why she's like that. I guess her bf is her pillar of strength (due to her family's situation).


    1. Hi Ramona,

      Thank you for your message and I'm glad you were able to overcome that situation with your friend. You're very understanding. :) I wish the best for you!


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