July 04, 2012

Snack On A Budget:We Love Mochiko!

For a filling snack on a budget, why not try these delicious babies for P70? To know more about them, read on! 
Mochiko store in Alabang Town Center

different flavors to choose from!

Not a big fan. Liked Coffee better.

Green Tea is good!


Mark is addicted

Mochiko in The Collective. I first tried this mochi thing in Davao a few months ago but didn't really like the other brand. Thank God Mochiko has better flavors!
WWII ended decades ago, but the Japanese invasion continues in a relentless, yet cutely packaged fashion. Mochiko is the latest vanguard of irresitable Japanese treats that are as cute as they are tasty to eat.

Recently opened in the shiny New Wing of Alabang Town Center, Mochiko serves up ice cream in adorable little packages of flattened Japanese sticky rice cake. Doesn’t sound tasty? Well, mochi isn’t savory or rice-like in taste - it’s like wrapping your ice cream in a soft, crepe-like pastry - an ice cream pastry, if you will, which is definitely in the delicious and ingenious column.

These neat little packages of ice-cream pastry come in traditional flavors like green tea, black sesame and mango; as well as the more risqué choices of cookie dough, crunchy oreo and strawberry yoghurt. The coffee ones always seem to hit the spot in a creamy balance of sweetness and the crisp bite of a fresh roast.

As if these little wonders weren’t cute enough, Mochiko is decked out in Japan-pop pink and black in a sort of Hello Kitty meets Maid Café aesthetic. If the ice-cream doesn’t hypnotize you, the wall of dancing kitties definitely will. Mochiko’s playful style pays homage to mochi’s traditional status as a party food for Japanese New Year, before Lotte Confectionary decided to combine it with ice-cream in the form of yukimi daifuku.

Mochiko certainly builds upon that history to create a more sophisticated dessert than Lotte could ever have envisioned.

So, save some room for dessert and get yourself some Mochiko - just remember to warm them up in your hands for an easier first bite.

What: Mochiko serving Ice-cream wrapped in Mochi
Where: Ground Floor of the New Wing of Alabang Town Center 

website:  https://www.facebook.com/mochikomochi 

>Tasty, clean and convenient - eating ice-cream was never this elegant
>Delicious assortment of flavors, each more scrumptious than the last - go for >Coffee, Green Tea or Oreo
>Gorgeous interior with a wall of mesmerizing, dancing ‘come-hither’ lucky charm cats
>At P70 per mochi, it's the best place for a satisfying dessert that won’t break the bank

>At P70 per mochi, have too many in one sitting and it may break your diet
>We’d love more flavors - maybe a traditional anko or dark chocolate?

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  1. Hi! :D

    Mochiko is now open in Davao too!

    You can find them at SM City Davao - Annex.

    I also blogged about them.. :D

    1. Great! I'm very happy to hear that! Thank you Jonas! Will definitely visit their branch when I'm back in Davao :D


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