July 09, 2012

Singapore July Trip Haul

1. Harry Potter Gryffindor wool scarf
2. this gorgeous Wheels and Dollbaby inspired cardigan
3. vintage dress from Japan from this Vintage Store where they sell only one piece of each garment
4. Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Perfume
5. MAC lippie
6. belts from F21
7.  dresses and tops
8. Victoria's Secret lingerie
9. HavaianasXUAAP limited edition havs
10. Forever 21 lingerie

Our Slytherin and Gryffindor scarves <3

Mark calls this, my 'Iggy' ring

This is for my friend Camille and to her hubby Jomi and baby Dylan :)

I was very happy to go home to this!  My sister Margaret's boyfriend Austin was able to get me these last July 6, Friday morning and my size was already sold out in All Flip Flops in ATC! We were lucky to snag the last pair in Rustans :D Thank you so much Mark and Austin!

We had a great time in Singapore! I will not be able to post all pasalubong like the chocolates etc but I'm posting all the stuff I really loved. 
Harry Potter The Exhibition was AMAZING! I was sorted by the Sorting Hat, played "basketball Quidditch", pulled Mandrakes and saw the amazing costumes and props from ALL the movies. We were also lucky enough to see Andy Warhol's original works which were all in one exhibition. Got to experience Transformers The Ride again and covered almost all rides in Universal Studios. I can now say, I really love Singapore. 
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Listening to : Diet Mountain Dew by Lana Del Rey
             <3: Singapore
            =( : I'm sick again!

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