July 02, 2012

My Fave Necklaces And Then Some Magic

My current fave necklaces!
Some collar and bib necklaces.

I think these ones are the most common collar necklaces. I got them in Singapore where they are a lot cheaper, although I know you can also get them here in the country.

I got this beautiful silver necklace with blue gems in Thailand back in 2009, while this silver chain necklace was bought in Sydney.

Don't you just love the intricate design of this one?

This is my current fave. I got this from a'postrophe in ATC.

I think I got this in YRYS back in 2008?

This one is from Laos. Apparently this is "real silver" since Luang Prabang is renowned for their silversmiths. I think this design is copied and made into accessories so we tried washing it with water several times to make sure it's real and the color is still consistent so yeah. Still unsure but what the heck, it looks great.

This one is from Palawan. Lovely and delicate.
This gorgeous gothic choker is from a specialty shop in Queen Victoria Building in Sydney, 2008.
Hello there! I've been collecting pretty accessories/jewelries esp necklaces and so far, these are my faves. I'm a big fan of necklaces and with a lot of cheap places to buy them, it's now easier to collect interesting pieces to spice up any outfit.

Anyway, we were able to finally book Singapore this Friday so we can see... tan tananan... HARRY POTTER, THE EXHIBITION!!! 

I've been keeping it a secret for a while now and did not want to announce it unless I was booked, so there you go. We booked the flights and the hotel a while ago so there's no turning back now. It's my 3rd time this year in Singapore and I'm kicking my self for it. I'm kind of annoyed that the HP exhibit did not open when I was there last May (that would have saved us a lot of moolah -__-) BUT, this is the first time I'm going to SG with my sister Margie and I am very very excited to travel with her again. Last time we went out the country together was 2009 when she visited me in Sydney. We'll also be accompanied by the pretty Sab, Margie's friend from UP Diliman. I am very happy that she was able to book with us a while ago even though we moved our schedule from next week to this Friday. I like traveling with flexible people like that so we're giddy to have her with us.
Anyway, I chose this trip instead of a MacBook Pro because I firmly believe that experience, especially with my loved ones, is worth more than any material gain. That's just me. 
Anyway, have a lovely week.


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