June 26, 2012

Bare Essentials

Forgive the requisite cheezy photos after Mark's return, we just had to since taking photos from his Mac Photobooth is I think one of the more regular activities "normal" couples do. :)

We took these photos after waking up this morning, with absolutely NO MAKE UP and minimal use of Photoshop for my blog name's watermark.
I believe that one indication that your boy really loves you is when he tells you that you are beautiful even without make up or your "expensive" apparels. I have been blessed to have had really good lovers  and friends who always told me that. Whenever they say it the first time, they always register shock or confusion on their faces as if they thought they would have seen a monster, or worse; a full grown MAN after I removed my make up. Hahaha!
I bet they were all holding their breaths waiting to see if I were one of those Asian girls who wore huge contact lenses, wigs, tons of make up, fake lashes etc like this chick below, who I must nevertheless applaud for her transformation. I do not have anything against these girls, on the contrary, as a make up artist, I very much admire their make up skills. 
Fantastic make up skills I tell ya. I'm not sure if guys would agree XD
I don't look like a movie star or anything without make up but I'm sure glad I don't look like a monster. For some reason, Mark and I have really nice pink lips in these photos .  Mac's Photobooth and good lighting really saved our morning faces lol. 
After all the make up and branded effects, when you're stripped of everything, I believe it all boils down to what's inside of you. There will be a lot of beautiful women with better make up, better skin and more expensive clothes but you will always shine brighter if you have a smile on your face, a positive outlook in life, witty lines, funny stories and explosive confidence topped with intelligence. 
Oh, it also helps that you're not an insecure delusional liar/scammer or psychotic whatsoever. Ha! :p
I am extremely happy right now to have Mark beside me. Although I'll be with Mark for the rest of the month, I would like to thank my good friends Gail and Joel for taking care of me while Mark was not around. Gail really supported me in everything and she let me stay in her house when I was in UPLB celebrating with my friends. She has always been there, comforting me and listening to me when I was down. Joel, on the other hand, has been surprisingly warm, attentive and just super fun. He really tried his best to make everyday special for me by accompanying me to a lot of beautiful places.
 Also, thank you both for telling me I'm beautiful without make up lol. It means a whole lot more coming from friends who would tell me blatantly when I'm mean or when my lipstick's all over the place hahahaha!
I sincerely hope your days are full of joy as mine are.

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            <3: Mark, Gail, Joel
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  1. With or without make up, you're still the beautiful person I've been admiring since highschool. Stay beautiful inside and out. Keep inspiring~

    1. Whoa.. this actually warmed my heart since I really didn't feel beautiful in high school. :') Thank you so much whoever you are. I hope you would tell me your name so I could thank you properly. *bearhug*

    2. Eep.I forgot to include my name. >.< I don't have either one of those profiles that's why I opted for anon. Kris here :))

    3. Kris! Thank you so much for your love and support. You really, really made my day and someone who could find beauty in others is definitely a special and beautiful person. I'm glad to have you. Thank you :))

    4. Indeed, Millie. It takes one to know one. Your blogs are inspiring. Thanks.

    5. Thank you Anna!! YOu're so sweet! :D

  2. Awwww, so true! Make-up and glam clothes would just enhance one's beauty but real beauty is about one's personality.. :) Love your positive vibes. Keep on shining and sharing positivity! :)

    1. Thank you so much!! You made my night!! More love to you! <3


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