June 26, 2012


Our first date after 3 months. Had dinner in Cibo then had dessert in the newest Mochiko store in ATC.
Stolen shot :))
nude blazer from Singapore, Topshop black tank top, necklace from SM accessories, leather belt from SG, F21 denim shorts, Primadonna Cheetah, silver Longchamp LM bag from Switzerland
Joel, my best guy friend from college, got me these wonderful Primadonna Cheetah for my birthday because he knew I absolutely love this type of footwear. 
These shoes are very very comfortable and they give you height!  The cheetah print adds that extra "oomph" to any outfit, they were so fashionable that Mark said he wanted one for himself lol. That's the good thing about Mark, he is very well into fashion esp after modelling. We understand our tastes well and these shoes are just right on our list. They're currently my fave shoes for the mall.  
Thank you so much Joel for this gift!!!

So Mark's finally back from Sydney. This long distance relationship is really tough but so far, after 6 years, we've survived. He's currently applying for an internship in international law firms while I will start my Manager's Course this July in UP Diliman as per my friend Joel's advice. For my MFA, we decided to wait for my Singapore and Australian applications so I can at least be in the same place as my boyfriend. :)
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