June 21, 2012

MAC Morange Lipstick Review

MAC Morange is one of MAC's top-seller shade because of its almost perfect orange shade. I already own one orange lippie from Etude but it was a bit on the lighter side of the spectrum so I thought of going for something darker and a more reddish type of orange like MAC's Morange and I absolutely fell in love with it. Also, I saw an ad on this MAC store in Singapore about MAC's Fashion Sets collection where MAC celebrates their most popular colors worldwide such as Rebel (New York), Saint Germain (Seoul), Morange (Paris) and Russian Red (Dubai). I have most of these colors except Saint Germain which I really don't find attractive at all so I was more eager to buy Morange.
As usual, the lipstick glides smoothly but it fades a bit faster for some odd reason. May also bleed but it's fine. This color is best for any girls' night out or party when you're feeling bold. It's very noticeable and can be really fun as long as you wear it with a smile. Make sure to wear minimal make up as this shade will definitely be the highlight of your face.

 Oh by the way, I just remembered my first ever MAC lippie back in 2007, it was MAC SPICE! I have been thinking about it for a while now. Haha! Anyway, enjoy!

Item: MAC Morange 
Price: 68 Ringgit(MYR) Around P1,000 here in the Phils for 3g/.1oz.
Color: Loudmouth orange/ bright cream orange acc to MAC

- As an amplified finish, it is really pigmented and creamy
-Has a nice sheen to it
-Looks great in photos
-Works with any skin color
-very light, easy to carry
-has MAC's staple vanilla-ish scent so it smells nice
-is not really drying but I still recommend you exfoliate your lips beforehand
-great with brunettes, darker skin tones and dark eyes ie. Pinays :)
-great if you're feeling fearless/bold and just wanted to have a great time
-very summery, pop and has a sexy pin up appeal

-Can get a little neon in some lights
-It fades after 5 hours but doesn't totally disappear
-Can be intimidating
-Might be too bright for paler skinned girls
-Recommended if you're not wearing eye make up or light make up which is a bit of a downer for me since I like my eyeliners very much
-Can be a bit tricky to pull off since it's a bit OTT 
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Listening to : St Germain by Vanessa Paradis
              <3: Morange
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  1. I've only ever worn orange lipstick once, IDK why I don't more often :) but if you say it suits morena skin better I'll try this one! :)

    1. I think it will suit you but better try it first since this color is a bit OTT :)


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