June 30, 2012

Let Me Touch Your Curves Kate Upton!

Kate Upton, perhaps best known for her ultra-sexy 'Cat Daddy' video that went viral, or her work with Beach Bunny Swimwear and her appearance in Sports Illustrated, is a classical beauty in a world of waifish thin models. Her curvaceous figure is her trademark and we're all the more happy to have someone carry on the curvy tradition of the American pin-up girl. 

But she's not all tits and ass - an accomplished equestrian from a young age with the sort of typical American up-brining in Florida commonly found in feel-good movies make this stunner far more quirky than she looks.

Both Millie and I agree that her "sexy" body is a breath of fresh air from all the anorexic looking models. Actually, I think Millie is more in love with Kate's jiggly curves. Although I must say, Millie shares Kate's curvaceous, yet doll-like slim figure with the bombshell breasts. A winning combination in any book.



The following pictures are from her Sports Illustrated shoot which launched her career. Guess where they shot these gorgeous pictures? IN THE PHILIPPINES!!

You know her big boobs are real when they go flat like that when she lies down. ;)

If you're still not convinced that Kate Upton is the bomb, take a look at these videos. 
We hope that Kate will give you the sweetest dreams tonight.
Now, off to the Fap Cave!!!

Listening to : Carmen by Lana Del Rey 
              <3: Kate Upton
             =( : bad stomach

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