June 30, 2012

Let Me Touch Your Curves Kate Upton!

Kate Upton, perhaps best known for her ultra-sexy 'Cat Daddy' video that went viral, or her work with Beach Bunny Swimwear and her appearance in Sports Illustrated, is a classical beauty in a world of waifish thin models. Her curvaceous figure is her trademark and we're all the more happy to have someone carry on the curvy tradition of the American pin-up girl. 

But she's not all tits and ass - an accomplished equestrian from a young age with the sort of typical American up-brining in Florida commonly found in feel-good movies make this stunner far more quirky than she looks.

Both Millie and I agree that her "sexy" body is a breath of fresh air from all the anorexic looking models. Actually, I think Millie is more in love with Kate's jiggly curves. Although I must say, Millie shares Kate's curvaceous, yet doll-like slim figure with the bombshell breasts. A winning combination in any book.



The following pictures are from her Sports Illustrated shoot which launched her career. Guess where they shot these gorgeous pictures? IN THE PHILIPPINES!!

You know her big boobs are real when they go flat like that when she lies down. ;)

If you're still not convinced that Kate Upton is the bomb, take a look at these videos. 
We hope that Kate will give you the sweetest dreams tonight.
Now, off to the Fap Cave!!!

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June 26, 2012


Our first date after 3 months. Had dinner in Cibo then had dessert in the newest Mochiko store in ATC.
Stolen shot :))
nude blazer from Singapore, Topshop black tank top, necklace from SM accessories, leather belt from SG, F21 denim shorts, Primadonna Cheetah, silver Longchamp LM bag from Switzerland
Joel, my best guy friend from college, got me these wonderful Primadonna Cheetah for my birthday because he knew I absolutely love this type of footwear. 
These shoes are very very comfortable and they give you height!  The cheetah print adds that extra "oomph" to any outfit, they were so fashionable that Mark said he wanted one for himself lol. That's the good thing about Mark, he is very well into fashion esp after modelling. We understand our tastes well and these shoes are just right on our list. They're currently my fave shoes for the mall.  
Thank you so much Joel for this gift!!!

So Mark's finally back from Sydney. This long distance relationship is really tough but so far, after 6 years, we've survived. He's currently applying for an internship in international law firms while I will start my Manager's Course this July in UP Diliman as per my friend Joel's advice. For my MFA, we decided to wait for my Singapore and Australian applications so I can at least be in the same place as my boyfriend. :)
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Pearl Farm Photo Diary

Hello Davao! Hello Pearl Farm!

Waiting area in Davao City before their boat takes you to the actual beach resort

It takes 45 minutes to get to Pearl Farm from Davao City

Six Samal Houses overlooking the sea

Pearl Farm's Wharf or popularly called Parola

Pearl Farm's Infinity Pool
Mandaya House

Slept by the beach for an hour (Not my actual sleeping face lol)

The gardens

Food: Really great selection from western to Filipino cuisines.

I went to Pearl Farm last March when I visited Davao. A paradise for the escapees, the almost remote island  was a sanctuary from the fast paced life of Manila. We were greeted with excellent food  and very warm staff who anticipated our every needs. First thing I did was sleep in one of their huts. Lulled by the sound of the waves, I drifted off, letting time slip between my sandy fingers. It was the kind of peace I was looking for. 

Visit Pearl Farm at http://www.pearlfarmresort.com/
You can also visit our 15 THINGS TO DO IN DAVAO.

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Bare Essentials

Forgive the requisite cheezy photos after Mark's return, we just had to since taking photos from his Mac Photobooth is I think one of the more regular activities "normal" couples do. :)

We took these photos after waking up this morning, with absolutely NO MAKE UP and minimal use of Photoshop for my blog name's watermark.
I believe that one indication that your boy really loves you is when he tells you that you are beautiful even without make up or your "expensive" apparels. I have been blessed to have had really good lovers  and friends who always told me that. Whenever they say it the first time, they always register shock or confusion on their faces as if they thought they would have seen a monster, or worse; a full grown MAN after I removed my make up. Hahaha!
I bet they were all holding their breaths waiting to see if I were one of those Asian girls who wore huge contact lenses, wigs, tons of make up, fake lashes etc like this chick below, who I must nevertheless applaud for her transformation. I do not have anything against these girls, on the contrary, as a make up artist, I very much admire their make up skills. 
Fantastic make up skills I tell ya. I'm not sure if guys would agree XD
I don't look like a movie star or anything without make up but I'm sure glad I don't look like a monster. For some reason, Mark and I have really nice pink lips in these photos .  Mac's Photobooth and good lighting really saved our morning faces lol. 
After all the make up and branded effects, when you're stripped of everything, I believe it all boils down to what's inside of you. There will be a lot of beautiful women with better make up, better skin and more expensive clothes but you will always shine brighter if you have a smile on your face, a positive outlook in life, witty lines, funny stories and explosive confidence topped with intelligence. 
Oh, it also helps that you're not an insecure delusional liar/scammer or psychotic whatsoever. Ha! :p
I am extremely happy right now to have Mark beside me. Although I'll be with Mark for the rest of the month, I would like to thank my good friends Gail and Joel for taking care of me while Mark was not around. Gail really supported me in everything and she let me stay in her house when I was in UPLB celebrating with my friends. She has always been there, comforting me and listening to me when I was down. Joel, on the other hand, has been surprisingly warm, attentive and just super fun. He really tried his best to make everyday special for me by accompanying me to a lot of beautiful places.
 Also, thank you both for telling me I'm beautiful without make up lol. It means a whole lot more coming from friends who would tell me blatantly when I'm mean or when my lipstick's all over the place hahahaha!
I sincerely hope your days are full of joy as mine are.

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