May 05, 2012

Welcome to The Family Iggy!

I would like to officially welcome the newest member of our family-Iggy!
Gail was Iggy's original owner/"momma" and out of kindness, she would let Iggy stay with us for weeks while she was busy with exams and reports in UPLB.
Soon enough, a beautiful friendship developed between our male shih tzu-Mello and this female dog of the same breed, Iggy; they became inseparable since.

It was rare to find a dog that gets along with Mello, so we were quite surprised that he and Iggy became instant friends. They would eat together on the same plate, sleep together and play whole day. I have never seen Mello so happy.
Iggy is extremely sweet but can be quite fierce in front of larger dogs. She's well-trained and  again, super malambing. She eats a lot and greets us every morning with a hug and a snuggle.
I think she got her sweet disposition from her "Momma Gail".
It took us a bit of talking before Gail decided to sell Iggy. Gail was kind enough to consider Mello and my parents'
attachment towards the little puppy and with a heavy 

but determined heart, she let Iggy go for the sake of our happiness.

Thank you so much Gail for giving Mello his new girlfriend, Iggy. We will be forever thankful that you've made this sacrifice.
 We hope to have several adorable shih tzu puppies when the right time comes.

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  1. These dogs are so cute. :) Yes, perfect match indeed. :)

    1. Thank you :D They really love each other haha :D

    2. then it's one made in heaven. :)


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