May 23, 2012

Travels and Tales

Story of the ensemble:  
  Hat from a small stall in front of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia
-> It was very hot and we forgot to bring an umbrella. They were only selling pretty hats in front of the temples.
  Wayfarers from Hong Kong
-> I think I lost my sunglasses somewhere so Mark bought me a new one.
  necklace and wide leg pants from The Ramp 
->We met with our make-up artist/stylist friend Sonia--who also happens to be The Ramp's in-house stylist. 
We met Sonia during one of Mark's photoshoots when he modelled here in the Philippines. Good times.
 earrings, bangles and top from Singapore
->My friend Joel haggled like an experienced 'fashionista' while shopping for souvenirs. Surprise!

 MAC Watch Me Simmer lipstick from Malaysia

  red coral bracelet from Palawan
->I got it when I went to Puerto Princessa with my mother and  
some office mates from the university inside the prisons where I taught English.
   blue green gem bangle from the night markets of Thailand
->We bought it in Bangkok where Mark and I celebrated Valentine's Day last 2009.
  Sandals from Mendrez in Robinsons Los Banos
-> Bought them when I was with an ex boyfriend and ran away in UPLB for a month.
Ahh stories to tell my grandchildren lol.
  Bag is from my sister 

My ombre hair is still holding up. Whaddya know.
If I could have everything my way, I would want to travel-just wander the world my whole life. I would stay in one country for at least 6 months to several years and fully immerse myself with its history, lifestyle, language and culture. I would treat every country, every continent and each place as a friend; a friend, a lover, a family member I would eagerly want to get to know and spend my life with. I would trudge its waters and mountains, walk its meadows and muddy streets, smell each home, taste every delicacy. I would write about it and preserve its beauty in my photographs and paintings. I would talk to its people, know what makes them happy and what pains them, listen to their music, their struggles and wisdom.

So far, I'm grabbing every opportunity so I could fulfill this dream. 
Seven years ago, I was a naughty but shy girl with a crooked neck who spent hours finishing landscapes and fantastical creatures on canvases and sketchpads. The sun would rise and set, yet I drowned myself in a world I created with my brushes- unfortunately, it all revolved around my room. I would read piles of books, fanfictions and manga scanlations for hours as rock music and Japanese pop/rock blasted from my computer. A year before that, my friends were reading Sweet Valley High, I was reading Anne Rice-a Catholic school girl with a penchant for beautiful murderers and elegant monsters. (Parang Twilight fans lang today. Bwiset.)

When I look back though, I was sort of a wanderer when I was a kid. 
I would  spend my days looking for grasshoppers or spiders while climbing trees. 
I would run around fields and play dodge ball, football and "langit lupa".
 Our family would go to beaches and provinces a lot while my mother explored other countries with my aunties and some of her office mates. 

Fast track to 2012 and I'm currently enjoying the wonders of the world.
I just had to widen my horizon, take risks and become a braver woman. 
I kept my faith and eyed a bigger and better future for myself. 
I became a fighter, not just a survivor.

I think I have at least 2-3 more trips ahead before August, more places to explore, more people to meet and then what?
And then I would pray and fight to have everything my way.

If you want to check out some of my travel adventures, visit 
MY TRAVELS section.

Go forth and explore the world!

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