May 28, 2012

Nail Art!

my neon polka/dragon eggs nails/ cherry blossom toe/ strawberry nails
I don't usually paint my nails because:
1. I keep my nails short
2. I have no patience for it
3. Nail polish always chip when I paint
4. black paint stains my nails when I do art
5. My hands are always busy doing artwork and stuff and it ruins my nail polish.
6. My back and neck hurt like hell when I try to paint my nails

But as my hobbies turn digital, I was able to try the wonderful world of Nail Art.
 I don't have brushes or tools for this but it's still fun.
I have been inspired to this ever since I subscribed to CUTEPOLISH on Youtube 2 years ago?
Never got to try it but hey, Mark found it really cute so I'm keeping this skill for now.

If you want to try Nail Art, you can go to:
or be inspired by these designs.

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