May 22, 2012

I Feel Bad For The Philippines

After watching Corona's trial, I felt bad for the Philippines. I may not have visited all the continents but I've been to a lot of places, and I can honestly say that THE PHILIPPINES IS A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY with the most colorful sunsets, scenic mountains, exquisite beaches and richest resources. It's such a shame that it is run by the stupidest, most selfish people who have been consumed by power and greed. The Corona trial is emblematic of all these problems. 

Firstly, the media poisons the youth by promoting a culture of ignorance; cultivating social climbing skills by venerating false idols with misleading concepts of happiness through "aspirational brands", the latest gadgets and "whiter" skin.  As my friend Francis Galura commented, "It's like we've entered a new era of ignorance and social climbing. It's a goddamn marathon now! Everyone's so eager to join the mad dash for transient gratification (fame, association, all other things shallow) instead of focusing their energies on building a more meaningful and lasting future for themselves." 

Secondly, most leaders and representatives of the Catholic Church and some religious bigots calling themselves "Christians" spread messages of hate against change, progress, freedom and practicality in general. Their backward beliefs on human sexuality, sex education and human rights  have penetrated the already malicious government, adding more mud to this massive swamp of corruption, dragging the Philippines to the depths of regression while their priests rape women and boys.

Thirdly, we, the people have been misinformed, misguided and raised with twisted values. We have succumbed to the trivialities of our lives, to the point where we've considered all the injustices happening around us as part of a "big show" or worse, our reality. The people move on quickly, forgetting the leaders who have wronged them and re-electing the same scumbag for the nth time. Some people want change but are afraid to speak up. Some people want change but they don't know what to do. I am one of those people who want something done, but all I can do now is start small-by financing a high school student and educating the prisoners. 

I am not saying that I'm above the Filipino people or the country. I am also guilty of taking part in this culture and I am aware that I do own some "branded" effects, but I can honestly say that social climbing has never been my concern and I've always been an advocate of sex education, human and animal rights. I can be trivial and post hauls of what I shopped but I still stop, think and question once in a while.

The people who are blindly happy in the country are the ones who do not ask questions. Asking questions brings hard answers. Only those who are willing to confront those answers can live happy - happy in the knowledge that they were willing to fight, rather than accept and willing to bring change.

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