May 31, 2012

Hurrah For Summer: March, April and May!

Since I'm way behind my posts, I'd like to summarize the highlights of my summer. This is going to be an image-heavy post so good luck with that. Let's start with this picture: 

-heaven on earth. First thing I did there: sleep for an hour in front of the beach!

- UP Fine Arts' college graduation. My sister is now a Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in Visual Communication, magna cum laude, graduate. She also won Best Thesis in the Illustration category. I arrived from Davao at 12AM and woke up early to do my sister and my mother's make up for the event. They looked great! We are so proud of you sister! 

- Actually, Gail finished college last year and is currently taking her Master's degree. She just wanted to march this April. Gail, I'm very proud of this. You are a beautiful and intelligent woman and anyone would want to have you as a bestfriend. I love yoU! More pictures in Gail's blog here: 

-I think it's safe to say that MY BOYFRIEND IS SO POGI!!! CONGRATULATIONS Mark Orosa, Bachelor of Arts Government and International Relations, University of Sydney. One degree down, one more to go! I promise to be there on your Law graduation. We're so proud of you! WE LOVE YOU!!! ♥ 

University of Sydney 
-Went to Art In The Park event with my girlfriends Princess and Kiele. Princess is our director while Kiele is our lead actress in our indie film. I missed them sooooo much!! It was sort of a reunion for me, Mark and the girls. Thank God I was able to catch Princess before she went to Europe and before Kiele got uber popular haha! Anyway, I actually bought a Leeroy New necklace. Leeroy New is a talented Filipino artist/sculptor/designer who designed Lady Gaga's outfit for her Marry The Night single cover. Quite lucky to get that trinket :) 

-My cousin Talia's baptism turned out to be quite the event in Bellevue, here in Alabang. We even had former president ERAP as a guest and some other politicians Jeez. I was surprised to see my younger cousins all made up for the event though-they were gorgeous! I'm the eldest cousin/grandchild in my dad's clan so I really felt I was getting a bit old. Haha! I'm still assured that I would look amazing even when I'm 40 after seeing my hot aunties. I had to say this but any boy would look at them and say MILFs. Sorry. hahaha! Congrats Tita Lea and Tito Aldrin :) 
- It was a super hot day so Gail and I decided to go to my uncle's house in Everest Hills for a swim with my Tejada-San Pedro cousins. Thank you Tita Lea and Tito Aldrin for the snacks and the pool! We had soooo much fun!! 

- Dad just wanted a simple picnic with the little kiddos (Mello and Iggy). It was the most pleasant afternoon I've had in a while. It feels amazing to be with my family. More pictures in Gail's blog: 

- Filled with lots and lots of laughter, gossip, sexytime news and food. My Insular Life girlfriends know how to give me the best time! We always make sure to set a date for us between all our busy schedules to have "chika day" on Vivere's Sky Lounge and now, Cafe Breton. I love you Allison, Ralen, Lucky and Sarah! 

10. BEACHES!! Davao and Camiguin trips
- These two will have separate blog entries but whenever I'm at the beach, I'm very happy and at peace. 

- will write more about these two as well. And oh, to these LITTLE GIRLS who kept on gossiping about this trip, here is the 1,000,000 Singaporean Dollar question for you: EH ANO BANG PAKIALAM NYO? Seriously? Have you two seen Mark, my boyfriend live in living color? 4D? My boyfriend, family and friends have no qualms, no problems whatsoever about this trip, why the fuck should you? I don't get it. If you're fucking insecure about your own love lives, THAT'S NOT MY FUCKING PROBLEM.

Don't worry you two, I'll have a little space for you in my blog. >:)

She brings joy to my mornings. She brings joy to Mello and to the whole family. More about her here:

I hate to end this on a bad note but at this point in my life, I have zero tolerance for bullshit, ignorance and stupidity. If you'll notice my list, I put great importance in my family, friends and traveling. I am very protective of the people I love since I only have one family and few real friends. 

With all the beautiful things I have been blessed this summer, I have thanked the Lord a thousand times for each experience He has let me live through. The rainy season has arrived and it's time for us to face "reality" once again and move on with our responsibilities in school and in our office. I hope you all had a great summer and let's welcome the rainy days with sunny smiles on our faces. 

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             <3 : Summer 
            =( : rainy days

May 28, 2012

Nail Art!

my neon polka/dragon eggs nails/ cherry blossom toe/ strawberry nails
I don't usually paint my nails because:
1. I keep my nails short
2. I have no patience for it
3. Nail polish always chip when I paint
4. black paint stains my nails when I do art
5. My hands are always busy doing artwork and stuff and it ruins my nail polish.
6. My back and neck hurt like hell when I try to paint my nails

But as my hobbies turn digital, I was able to try the wonderful world of Nail Art.
 I don't have brushes or tools for this but it's still fun.
I have been inspired to this ever since I subscribed to CUTEPOLISH on Youtube 2 years ago?
Never got to try it but hey, Mark found it really cute so I'm keeping this skill for now.

If you want to try Nail Art, you can go to:
or be inspired by these designs.

You might also wanna see my BLUE SUMMER SKY NAILS POST

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              <3: nail art!
             =( : stupid gossip

May 26, 2012

Mark Plays Game Of Thrones Theme

So Mark and I have been addicted to Game of Thrones. To surprise me, he studied GOT's main theme on the piano and uploaded it on Youtube last May 3. He sent this a while back but I only got to listen to it properly today and whoa!! Just whoooa!!! Thank you so much love! 
These photos were taken yesterday. He's so addicted to GOT, he started wearing his old fur coat to debate competitions. This looks more like Harry PotterXGOT don't you think?
Outfit details:
- Black Fur Pea Coat (Zara)
- Burgundy Wool V-Neck (Roger David)
- Light blue micro-stripe oxford shirt (Roger David)
- Purple tie (Topman)
- Black suit pants (Topman)
- Black Boots (Valentino) 

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            <3 : mark
             =( : ldr

May 25, 2012

We Almost Broke Up: LDR is Not Easy

Like any other couple, Mark and I have misunderstandings. Sometimes, the distance gets us. Sometimes, Mark's too stressed from school and work, while sometimes, I have the inevitable period. Whatever the cause of our problems were, we almost always manage to patch things up.

Recently, Mark and I have been restless. He's been very busy with his law assessments, essays and coaching debate, while I have been preoccupied by scholarship applications for art schools abroad. We were so caught up with our lives that we never really got to talk properly for weeks. And when I say "properly" I meant seriously and honestly. We came to a point where we realized we've been lying to ourselves and to each other about how we really felt--that we've been unsatisfied for a while now. I guess we've been too tired,  or maybe too exhausted from waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for 6 years in a row. Waiting for a day that we could be together as a "normal" couple. Long distance relationship is fucking hard I tell you. You really have to have a super deep, universal, magical shit connection to make this work. It takes a lot of self discipline, self control and commitment. 

But what can we do about it? We're both just 23, not too cashed up to live together, got careers to build, got dreams to fulfill and we're continents apart. He still has almost 2 more years of  law school and hopefully I'd get 2 years of Master's program and then what? What if after all this waiting and he finally graduates and starts working in a big ass law firm, earns loads of cash and decides that the cute blonde lawyer beside his desk is a more plausible Mrs. Orosa-Uy than the chick in a land far far away? What if the independence brought by money changes him? A lot of people change when they start working, I'm aware of that. I did. Earning your own salary is actually the best feeling because you know you deserve every cent of it and sometimes, people become really selfish, empowered and arrogant. And if you're like me with no responsibilities or bills to pay  (I have no credit card and I currently live at home. No debts whatsoever. I only pay our helper's daughter's high school tuition but it's not really much), then you're a fucking lucky bitch who can spend it all you want. But that's not enough. Smart men love smart women. If Mark has two degrees, I at least, should get a Master's degree so we're almost academically equal. If we want this relationship to work, we should see each other as equals so we respect each other. That's what my mother taught me. 

But...what if we both change? What if there are lots of better guys waiting for me just a village away? Take my neighbor for example, the house right across the back of my room is the home of a hot childhood friend from UP Diliman. He's literally a garden away. But I only see him twice or three times a year. Funny world isn't it? And to think he's really hot. Is this relationship holding me back from meeting the "right" guy for me? Is Mark really the "right" man for me? You get my point. 

All these questions about the relationship. All these over-thinking and analysis and we're both stressed and annoyed. We're pressured since we've been in the relationship for so long. Then we try to talk about it.  There's "the talk", and more talk, then we're both defensive. Then no one's listening. Then I get impatient. Then he just won't shut up.  Have you tried arguing with a soon-to-be lawyer? Have you tried debating with a debate coach? Have you tried reasoning out with a law student in STRAIGHT ENGLISH even though it's your second language? 
 IT'S FUCKING ANNOYING.  We argue in English all the time and I'm used to it but there are just some words you can't express in another language like, "Nakaka ano ka na kasi eh! Pwede bang makinig ka muna? Hindi ako kinikilig sa talas ng dila mo. Nahihiya na nga ako sayo eh, mahiya ka naman sakin."  If you can translate that, please leave a comment down below. 

I know I have my shortcomings as a girlfriend. I know I've hurt Mark a lot of times even though he has been so kind. We've both done a lot of painful things to each other, like any couple going through their years. I may have been difficult sometimes but I know I love him from the bottom of my heart. I know he does too. 

And so a while ago, we realized that it's not really the questions or the uncertainties, or that we're both stubborn and would not listen. We realized that we've been missing each other so much and that we were so frustrated of not being physically together in moments when we think about and suffer our first world problems. We just wanted to be physically together again. He just wanted me to embrace him after they lost a big debate competition and I just wanted him to hold my hand in ER when I got sick. He just wanted someone to kiss him after a long day in school and I just wanted him to look at me and touch my face--to assure me that we're fine, that this is working out and that I shouldn't think too much. It frustrated us that we couldn't hold each other's hands when we're feeling down. The distance can make us quite lonely, and we just didn't want to be reminded of it by the pressures of our lives.

So in the end, we decided to become stronger people and stick it out. 
What happened a while ago was not something life-changing or something violent that we almost decided to break up. Oh no. It was an accumulation of fears, pressures and years of doubt that brought upon misunderstandings and hurt. It seemed so sudden and trivial but in reality, even a tiny wound can cause serious damage. I know some of you understand these and have experienced these. I hope you were able to move pass any obstacle since they are part of any relationship. 
After all, these are just misunderstandings and these are just first world problems. Faith and Love are bigger than that.

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             <3: Mark Ernest Orosa Uy
            =( : arguments

May 24, 2012

MAC Watch Me Simmer Lipstick Review

I am not a big fan of bright pink lipsticks.
I'm more of a red/orange-ish/coral-ish lipstick kind of person.
So when I went to this huge MAC store in Petronas Towers during my trip in Kuala Lumpur,
it was natural that my eyes zoomed towards MAC's Watch Me Simmer Lipstick.

I know it looks kind of pink in this photo but that's just the natural light of our house. 
Google some other pics of Watch Me Simmer so you get a better idea of the shade :)
I remember when I bought my first lipstick from a MAC store in Sydney back in 2007.
It was a beautiful coral shade and with it came my happiest memories in Australia.
Since then, I've always, always been attracted to red and coral lipsticks much like this shade I'm about to review.

MAC's Watch Me Simmer Lipstick is part of their Shop MAC Cook MAC Collection.
The saleslady was egging me to buy this lippie.
According to her, this lippie is a 'limited edition' and that most MAC stores around KL have run out of stock. I don't really tend to watch out for latest MAC products and get excited over their "newest" collection that I'd dash in front of my laptop and order on-line. I refrain from buying over the internet.
 I usually go to the nearest mall,  Sephora or any make-up and MAC store to choose a lip color that would go well with what I'm doing or event I'm attending.
Anyway, I wasn't really thinking of buying this BUT the color was just SO PRETTY!
As I've said, my eyes zoomed past other colors and settled on this gorgeous coral/peachy pink lipstick. 
The color brightens any skin color and is really fun to sport.
It's not super loud or "electrifying" that it would make you look like a clown,
but it has a good pop and punch effect which makes it a staple for spring and summer.

Item: MAC Watch Me Simmer Lipstick 
Price: 68 Ringgit(MYR) Around P1,000 here in the Phils for 3g/.1oz.
Color: bright orange pink acc to MAC

- As an amplified finish, it is really pigmented and creamy
-Has a nice sheen to it
-Looks great in photos
-Works with any skin color
-very light, easy to carry
-has MAC's staple vanilla-ish scent so it smells nice
-is not really drying but I still recommend you exfoliate your lips beforehand
-is leaning towards a bit of warm peach than pink. (my photos don't do it justice because of the bluish lighting in Singapore Terminal 2)

-Can get a little neon in some lights
-It fades after 5 hours but doesn't totally disappear

MAC store inside Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

candy land!

loving shopping
If you want more lipstick reviews, check out:



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            <3  : coral lipsticks
             =( : Dad ate all the Lindt chocolates at home -__-

May 23, 2012

Travels and Tales

Story of the ensemble:  
  Hat from a small stall in front of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia
-> It was very hot and we forgot to bring an umbrella. They were only selling pretty hats in front of the temples.
  Wayfarers from Hong Kong
-> I think I lost my sunglasses somewhere so Mark bought me a new one.
  necklace and wide leg pants from The Ramp 
->We met with our make-up artist/stylist friend Sonia--who also happens to be The Ramp's in-house stylist. 
We met Sonia during one of Mark's photoshoots when he modelled here in the Philippines. Good times.
 earrings, bangles and top from Singapore
->My friend Joel haggled like an experienced 'fashionista' while shopping for souvenirs. Surprise!

 MAC Watch Me Simmer lipstick from Malaysia

  red coral bracelet from Palawan
->I got it when I went to Puerto Princessa with my mother and  
some office mates from the university inside the prisons where I taught English.
   blue green gem bangle from the night markets of Thailand
->We bought it in Bangkok where Mark and I celebrated Valentine's Day last 2009.
  Sandals from Mendrez in Robinsons Los Banos
-> Bought them when I was with an ex boyfriend and ran away in UPLB for a month.
Ahh stories to tell my grandchildren lol.
  Bag is from my sister 

My ombre hair is still holding up. Whaddya know.
If I could have everything my way, I would want to travel-just wander the world my whole life. I would stay in one country for at least 6 months to several years and fully immerse myself with its history, lifestyle, language and culture. I would treat every country, every continent and each place as a friend; a friend, a lover, a family member I would eagerly want to get to know and spend my life with. I would trudge its waters and mountains, walk its meadows and muddy streets, smell each home, taste every delicacy. I would write about it and preserve its beauty in my photographs and paintings. I would talk to its people, know what makes them happy and what pains them, listen to their music, their struggles and wisdom.

So far, I'm grabbing every opportunity so I could fulfill this dream. 
Seven years ago, I was a naughty but shy girl with a crooked neck who spent hours finishing landscapes and fantastical creatures on canvases and sketchpads. The sun would rise and set, yet I drowned myself in a world I created with my brushes- unfortunately, it all revolved around my room. I would read piles of books, fanfictions and manga scanlations for hours as rock music and Japanese pop/rock blasted from my computer. A year before that, my friends were reading Sweet Valley High, I was reading Anne Rice-a Catholic school girl with a penchant for beautiful murderers and elegant monsters. (Parang Twilight fans lang today. Bwiset.)

When I look back though, I was sort of a wanderer when I was a kid. 
I would  spend my days looking for grasshoppers or spiders while climbing trees. 
I would run around fields and play dodge ball, football and "langit lupa".
 Our family would go to beaches and provinces a lot while my mother explored other countries with my aunties and some of her office mates. 

Fast track to 2012 and I'm currently enjoying the wonders of the world.
I just had to widen my horizon, take risks and become a braver woman. 
I kept my faith and eyed a bigger and better future for myself. 
I became a fighter, not just a survivor.

I think I have at least 2-3 more trips ahead before August, more places to explore, more people to meet and then what?
And then I would pray and fight to have everything my way.

If you want to check out some of my travel adventures, visit 
MY TRAVELS section.

Go forth and explore the world!

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            <3 : traveling
            =( : the heat

May 22, 2012

I Feel Bad For The Philippines

After watching Corona's trial, I felt bad for the Philippines. I may not have visited all the continents but I've been to a lot of places, and I can honestly say that THE PHILIPPINES IS A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY with the most colorful sunsets, scenic mountains, exquisite beaches and richest resources. It's such a shame that it is run by the stupidest, most selfish people who have been consumed by power and greed. The Corona trial is emblematic of all these problems. 

Firstly, the media poisons the youth by promoting a culture of ignorance; cultivating social climbing skills by venerating false idols with misleading concepts of happiness through "aspirational brands", the latest gadgets and "whiter" skin.  As my friend Francis Galura commented, "It's like we've entered a new era of ignorance and social climbing. It's a goddamn marathon now! Everyone's so eager to join the mad dash for transient gratification (fame, association, all other things shallow) instead of focusing their energies on building a more meaningful and lasting future for themselves." 

Secondly, most leaders and representatives of the Catholic Church and some religious bigots calling themselves "Christians" spread messages of hate against change, progress, freedom and practicality in general. Their backward beliefs on human sexuality, sex education and human rights  have penetrated the already malicious government, adding more mud to this massive swamp of corruption, dragging the Philippines to the depths of regression while their priests rape women and boys.

Thirdly, we, the people have been misinformed, misguided and raised with twisted values. We have succumbed to the trivialities of our lives, to the point where we've considered all the injustices happening around us as part of a "big show" or worse, our reality. The people move on quickly, forgetting the leaders who have wronged them and re-electing the same scumbag for the nth time. Some people want change but are afraid to speak up. Some people want change but they don't know what to do. I am one of those people who want something done, but all I can do now is start small-by financing a high school student and educating the prisoners. 

I am not saying that I'm above the Filipino people or the country. I am also guilty of taking part in this culture and I am aware that I do own some "branded" effects, but I can honestly say that social climbing has never been my concern and I've always been an advocate of sex education, human and animal rights. I can be trivial and post hauls of what I shopped but I still stop, think and question once in a while.

The people who are blindly happy in the country are the ones who do not ask questions. Asking questions brings hard answers. Only those who are willing to confront those answers can live happy - happy in the knowledge that they were willing to fight, rather than accept and willing to bring change.

May 21, 2012

Pretty Little Things From Malaysia and Singapore

Hey there! I just came back from my Malaysia-Singapore trip and here is a bit of stuff I bought along the way.
I did shop quite a lot esp in Singapore but I'm only posting my faves since most of the others are clothes.

   So I finally bought the much talked about, uber hyped Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay. 
I've read tons of reviews about Urban Decay's Naked Palette but I chose the newer,  Naked 2 because I really wanted the shade Blackout. I got mine in Sephora, Ion Orchard for 80SGD--a bit pricey, but it's a good investment.  I think every make-up guru in Youtube has it and raved about it, I now understand why.
Will review this product soon.

 ♥ Some limited edition MAC lipsticks from this huge MAC store in Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, and some Sephora lippies as "pasalubong" which I will review later on. 

 Super adorable neon candy undies from Forever 21 in Ion Orchard, SG

yey for make up!

Loving this huuuugee MAC store in Petronas towers, Kuala Lumpur.
 I wanted to buy more lippies but decided to purchase the Naked 2 Palette instead.

Hello from Kuala Lumpur and Universal Studios in Singapore!
This is going to be a bit of a rant but I just wanted to let this out. You can stop reading now.
To be really honest, I'm physically exhausted from traveling that I'm contemplating on staying put next year.  Two days before flying to Kuala Lumpur, I was rushed to ER because I've been sick for 2 weeks (even in Camiguin) and my fever got worse. The doctor wanted to confine me in the hospital but I refused. My family was quite worried and I almost thought of not going, but I felt bad for "ditching" my friends I was going to meet in KL. 
I went to Malaysia with a fever of 38.8 degrees because of Pharyngitis and flu.
It took a lot of discipline planning the trip and remembering my sched for antibiotics etc., but it was all worth it. I was able to explore bits and pieces of Malaysia, meet my college friends Joel and Ranie and really got around Singapore and know its streets more. Not to mention experience the most awesome ride EVER: Transformers: The Ride. 4D of pure awesomeness, we almost cried.

Will blog more about my KL-SG tour in a few weeks, or months. Ha!
One thing I learned from this trip though: Always, always prioritize your health.
It's very difficult to enjoy the good things in life when you're sick.
Have a healthy week!


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            <3  : Transformers: The Ride
            =(  : weak immune system. argh.

May 13, 2012

Coron, Palawan 2012

This is a very late post of our Coron trip last February. 
If you've been reading my blog, you would know that my posts are not in "real time". 
My posts are behind 2 months! -__- 

one piece polka from Accessorize, Ray-Ban Wafarers

Two piece from Seventeen, cover up from Cinderella

crystal clear waters of Palawan

Kayangan Lake

We used life jackets at first, until we were able to prove to our tour guide that we could both swim.

beautiful white sand

a view from a cottage where we slept

fan service lol

ulam na :)
This Coron trip was my Valentine's Day gift for Mark. We were torn between Palawan or Boracay and eventually chose Coron because we were too excited to dive and explore the WWII ship wrecks, Twin Lagoons and Kayangan Lake. Mark has never been to any beaches in the Philippines except Puerto Galera and I've been wanting to take him around the country and appreciate his homeland.  I have been to Boracay when I was younger, but I haven't really gone back because it was never really a priority. We tend to avoid crowds you see, but we've considered visiting Boracay this year when it's not peak season. 
Mark might be back this June or July, hopefully, it would still be sunny in Aklan.


If you're looking for a place to stay in Coron and an estimate on how much you'll spend, you might want to visit:

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             <3 : beaches
             =( : I still have fever (38.8) and I'm leaving for KL tomorrow! crap.
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