April 02, 2012

Top 5 Swimwear Trends For Summer 2012

We can definitely feel summer here in the tropics and what better way to celebrate the heat and the sun than by heading out to the beautiful beaches of the Philippines.
If you still haven't figured out which swimsuit to buy for your vacays, here is a list of the Top 5 Swimwear Trends For Summer 2012. To help you with your selection, I have also asked a guy's opinion, Mark's, on every style.
Mark: Retro swimsuits are a conundrum - how does a swimsuit that reveals less skin look even sexier? It's all about lines and suggestion, or maybe they tap into our secret desire for pin-up girls.

Millie: Definitely my favorite. This is a good excuse to hide a bulging tummy and enhance your boob size. Ha!

Mark: Prints are pure excitement in fabric form. A sexy leopard print draws our eyes first; but watch the colour and style - if they don't suit you, it can make a bad swimsuit worse.

Millie: I like the chest support of this one. I chose a very "artsy" print rather than animal prints which can look a bit  tacky depending on the color and the design. I still love animal prints though.

 Mark : One-shoulders continue to prove that when it comes to men; less is still more. 
One-shoulders expose the vulnerable and erogenous neck areas that have a veritable come-hither look, but maintain a strong and sporty twist.

Millie: This is a last piece from Freeway. It reminds me of Rei Ayanami's Eva suit. :)

Mark: Cut-outs are probably my favourite. They're suggestive, yet elegant. If bikinis are beer and chips; cut-outs are fine wines. They tell us that you're sophisticated, assertive and comfortable with your body's sensuality.

Millie: The floral design goes well with this blue green number. It has a very mermaid-like appeal to it.
Mark: Monotones are the ultimate classic swimsuit that guarantees knockout sex appeal. All-black, all-white or all-orange, they're reminiscent of Sean Connery era Bond films. Pass us a vodka martini and you'll have us hooked.

Millie: According to a friend from the office, this looked like Anne Curtis' maillot from her movie No Other Woman.
I haven't really watched the film but now I'm quite curious to see what her version looks like. I bet she was so hot in it!

We hope this post helped and we would like to see your sexy pics on Facebook. Bwahaha.

I will also be enjoying the beach soon in Camiguin with my family (yey for family vacays!) and will also visit Malaysia and Singapore this May.
I hope you have a good summer.

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  1. I love the black cut-out swimsuit!

    I'm giving away a top from Amores Clothing! Hope you can join!



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