April 09, 2012

Millie: From Paris With Love

As I sat on the bus leaving a blurred scenery of Dijon, France, my eyes scanned every street sign that would bring me closer to Paris. I must admit, the cold did not dampen my spirits as my head darted left and right, searching for a city I have longed since childhood. It took a bit of miles before I settled down and decided to let the country soothe my mind with its blue sky and warm sunshine. A perfect day for taking photographs, I mused. I breathe in the scent of my perfume that would also help nostalgia later on.

I have always believed that if you desire something, you should envision it, pray for it and plaster a picture of it in front of your bed. And then, the universe, with all its forces, time and fate, will conspire to make anything you've ever wanted come true. As if an invisible hand would lead you to where you have always wanted to flourish. I trusted this "law" for quite a while now, and there I was, on a bus carrying a twenty something girl from a small city in the Philippines, to one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

As we wandered around Paris, I finally caught the tip of the Eiffel Tower. It was not excitement that lingered in my bones, I was rather bemused. Happiness? Perhaps. But my emotions were so muddled, I felt a tear resting in the inner corners of my left eye. I blinked and my lashes were wet, I strained to look closer as we passed by the icon. I didn't know if it was the cold that dried my eyes and it was my body trying to re-hydrate them, but I knew something in me stirred. My stomach felt like a cavern, hollow, as if blood merely glided around. I would like to believe that it wasn't because I saw the Eiffel Tower, a magnificent structure which has seen millions of faces, eras and time itself; a giant staring down at beings who'd pass through their lifetimes. Its steel structure casting shadows on dirt, as if it were a sun dial for the bustling city. I would like to believe that the exhilaration stemmed from the knowledge that something I have believed, from years of staring at a black and white post card of this man-made wonder,  have been affirmed by a series of events that lead me to this place. The universe and its forces were in my favor, I could go on life more confidently.
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  1. :) Im so happy and proud bebe. At 23, you have explored (almost) the world. I wish i could be as brave as you (defying fear of death and fear of being lost just to live your life the way you wanted). People envy you because you have achieved your dreams. People admire you because you have the freedom to explore yourself, the people around you and the world.

    1. Your comment moved me. Thank you so much for making my day and for uplifting my spirits. Your kind words brought me great happiness and I will forever treasure our friendship. You are also a brave soul and people envy you because you are also not afraid to speak up and live the life you chose. I hope to travel with you soon! Love you bebe!

  2. Thank you bebe. We will. we are going to the beach!!! CAMIGUIN! :p bwhahahahaahah!

  3. Hey Millie,

    I want to say your blog is really really nice, its very informative and entertaining ,cant stop looking when i started:) Thank you so much for giving us ideas and hope one day you will visit Sweden too:) Keep it up and more travels for you!

    1. Thank you, Lavenia!! Thank you for reading our blog! I hope we get to visit Sweden!! I really appreciate your comment. Take care and God bless!


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