April 01, 2012

Cosmo 69 Bachelors: Mark Orosa

breakfast, lunch, dinner. rawr. hahaha

I realized I haven't really posted about Mark's feature last 2010 in Cosmo. He was one of the 69 bachelors who toured around TV and radio stations to promote Cosmo's September Issue. Not all bachelors in the magazine were given the opportunity to walk down the catwalk for the Cosmo Bachelor Bash but Mark was lucky enough to be included.

Here are the pictures of COSMO BACHELOR BASH 2010

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              <3: Mark
              =( : Mark's so far


  1. Oh my good Lord. How did you even get the guy? Not saying you're not pretty but this man is just way too hot. Doesn't he make you feel so insecure?

    1. According to him, I keep him interested with my brains, face, body, personality, bedroom skills and my genuine sense of social justice. :) Yes, he is way too hot. And no, he doesn't make me feel so insecure because we see each other as equals.


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