April 03, 2012

Chanel Rouge Allure Libertine Lipstick Review

Sorry for the lippie pic. As you can see, I've used it a lot. Also, this is always in my make up kit so it's all scratched-even the name on the case.

thanks Gaiyi for this! :D

classic, subtle coral pink color for elegant night outs

shimmer shimmer

Worn at the launch of Fashion One Philippines at Republiq as PMAP guests. 
Elegant and subtle, Chanel is the quintessence of femininity. Neither brash nor vulgar, Chanel eschews the often whorish trend of cosmetic lines for the certainty of classic designs. Chanel’s Allure Rouge Libertine lipstick is the embodiment of such principles. 

With a warm, opaque coral-pink shade, it provides just enough shimmer without descending into the realm of ‘cheapness.’ The color is subtle, yet glamorous with strong staying power and a high level of moisture. 
Chanel lippie is quite dear, but when a lady demands quality, Chanel is the only answer.

Item: Chanel Rouge Allure Libertine
Price: $30.00 for 0.12 oz 
Color: Rose Peach/Coral Pink

-luxurious packaging
-just enough shimmer
-not matte or unnatural looking
-lasts long
-perfect for summer and spring
- creamy
-looks great in photos
-works with any skin tones
-very light, easy to carry

-subtle, sweet color
-shimmer and color do not scream attention
-easy, smooth application

Listening to : Kill Kill by Lana Del Rey
              <3: Chanel
              =(: the heat


  1. the pic of you with Mark--you are so gorgeous.- Gail

  2. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...

  3. I like this because it’s long lasting and the packaging is to die for!
    ~Pauline @Kallony

    1. It is.. the packaging is so classy haha! thank you! :)


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