April 08, 2012

Black Saturday Reflections

I bargained this pretty dress from a Korean guy in Davao.  He spoke very good English and told me a lot about his customers and that most of his buyers are on-line sellers. I was able to get this for a very cheap price because I introduced my self in Korean and spoke a little, thanks to some Korean friends in Manila. :)

The black Salvatore Ferragamo Classic Top Handle Bag is a birthday gift to my mother from Doña Bea Zobel Ayala. This came with a heartwarming handwritten letter.

I only had 3 hours of sleep because I spent the night watching Game of Thrones and laughing the night away with Gail.

I wore this dress last march 30 when I attended my elementary's graduation to accompany my friend Kathleen who was the guest of honor for the event. I'm so proud of you Kathleen for looking awesome and for inspiring a younger generation. Although I wasn't able to stay longer, I was really proud that they chose you Kathleen. You deserve it.
My mother's beautiful earring she recently bought for a graduation ceremony.

bow ring from Charm Bin

I had to buy these black suede pumps for the office several months ago. Very comfy.

black heart polka dress with white embroidered peter pan collar from this Korean shop in Davao,  red waist belt from HK, earrings from my mother, red coral bracelet from Palawan, Charm bin bow ring, black suede pumps from Parisian, Ray-Ban wayfarers, black Salvatore Ferragamo Classic Top Handle Bag from Dona Bea Zobel.

The original plan was to go back to Davao and General Santos with Gail this Holy Week. This did not push through since my mother said that I have been traveling too much and that we should celebrate my dad's birthday (April 7th) as a family. And so, Gail ended up staying in my house, eating a lot, sleeping late and watching Game of Thrones with me until early mornings.

Funny as this may sound, but HBO's hit series Game of Thrones also heightened my sense of pride for belonging to a loving family. In the series, people would conspire and kill for the glory of their houses. A lot of themes in GOT can be a bit twisted and gruesome-all for their surnames but I still got something good from it. 

Aside from that, I told Gail that I've noticed that my closest friends are the ones who came from broken families. I was able to learn a lot from their stories and I have an idea of how painful it could get not having your parents together, choosing which parent to be with and having to be separated from your siblings. I was so moved by this realization that I decided that this April, I will be spending more time with my family before I leave for Malaysia and 
Singapore on May and before I start living in Quezon City for school.

I was glad I stayed home this Holy Week. I was able to reflect 
 a lot of things while I was with my family: 

*I was able to bond with my cousins when we went to my Tito Aldrin and Tita Lea's house for a swim. I felt like a kid again when I played with my younger cousins. I chased them around the pool like a shark and we also played "IT" and "Find The Rock".

*Gail and I were able to catch up, laugh and talk a lot. Her blog post about her mother made me cry. Really. I had to hug my mother afterwards.

*I re-discovered the joys of having lunches together as a whole family. During meals, my mother would tell us about her and dad's love story and she gave us lessons on how to handle our relationships. My mother would also talk about her experiences with suitors, God's miracles and such.

*I was able to spend more time with my dogs, walk them and play with them.

*We were able to have a wonderful, wonderful picnic at Nuvali to celebrate my dad's birthday.

*I discovered my love for Tetris and Game of Thrones.

*My weary body was able to rest a lot and eat a lot.

Your parents and siblings must always  be treasured and you should enjoy every moment you have with them. You only have one, immediate family and no matter what happens, you must always love and protect one  another. Always bear in mind that blood is thicker than water.
Happy Easter!

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  1. thank you for blogging about my letter to mom. :)

    1. No prob bebe! Napaiyak mo naman talaga ako dun :(

  2. Where in Davao did you purchase the dress? XD


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