March 11, 2012

What's Inside My Bag? Authentic Longchamp for Sale

Longchamp Red Garance

 1. Anna Sui organizer
2.Artwork booklet
3.BlackBerry Torch 
4.Nokia C3
5. Ray-Ban wayfarers
6 iPod and hair bands pouch
7.Topshop pouch for meds
8. make up kit 
9. Girbaud wallet
10. Herbench spray
11. Canon digicam
12. Kleenex
13. UP lanyard with house and car keys

As you can see, my Longchamp is perfect for carrying a lot of stuff. I will officially make it my "uni bag" this coming June since I can put all my books, extra shirts, havs, art materials etc. It's versatile, light and has a lot of room for all your essentials. 
I bought this Longchamp from my good friend Gail. Check out my blogpost about Gail's Longchamp:

If you're interested for authentic Longchamp bags for a very cheap price, 
you can message Kristine Gail Lobo or "Gail" on  
or call/text her 0916 470 55 42

if still in doubt you can check "how to spot an original Longchamp from fake"here.

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  1. Love your post, so girlie. :) If ever you want to buy bags online, I personally recommended ShopthisEasy. They aren't selling such as well-known brand, their bags are really fashionable.


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