March 05, 2012

Super Red Hot Summer Haul

Bench Body polka dot bra and underwear, thrifted Captain America shirt,  Cat Woman   Havaianas, red Swatch  wrist watch, iPod nano watch with red earphones, strawberry mentos, Popteen Japan for inspiration and denim shorts

red Terranova sweater for Mark  and me since they're almost Autumn in Aus

This haul reminds me of the days when I attended summer classes in UPLB (University of the Philippines Los Banos). I would always look forward to it since only a few students were around and LB is just beautiful during summer. It can be annoyingly humid and hot but the sky is always blue and the afternoons are always so peaceful.
It was the perfect excuse to wear short shorts, loose blouses and Havs. My iPod kept me company while I walked to class. Magazines, on the other hand, sometimes served as umbrellas when I forgot mine or lost one in a cafe.

As for the sweater? Well, it reminds me of the time when I went to Sydney before grad. It was really cool there since it was almost Autumn which depended on how late or early the seasons came and went.

I'm not really sure if red is "in" right now but I will always love this color. It has too many memories attached to it.
Listening to : Goodbye Happiness by Utada Hikaru
             <3: summer
            =( : my friend lost someone special

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