March 11, 2012

Summer Pop!

Bubble Pop! This look is inspired by Hyuna's outfit in her video Bubble Pop!

Sun worshiper

My collar necklace is my current fave accessory.

Got my Ray-Ban in a little shop on a cruise ship going back  to England. Surprisingly, it's a lot cheaper in Euro.
bows ar cho cuuuute <3

Thrifted Captain America shirt, shorts from Thailand, Parisian yellow wedges, collar necklace from The Ramp, rings from Accessorize, Ray-Ban wayfarers 

Wearing my Captain America shirt because Superhero movies are coming. (*ehemAvengersehem*) Blue tartan shorts and black collar necklace to give a preppy vibe and cute yellow wedges to complete the whole summer feel akin to Hyuna's Bubble Pop outfit in her video. 
I'm all set fow summmmaah.

I know it's summer when:

> I can't sleep without the air conditioning on
>I have this urge to go to the beach
>The sky is super blue
>I crave for Zagu, Serenitea, Halo Halo and other cold stuff
>I just want to stay inside the house during the day
>I break out because of the heat
>My dogs are always panting, tired and sleepy
>I want to wear colorful, loose outfits
>Everyone's wearing shorts
>The malls are super cold
>My dogs are getting the summer ticks (blech)
>Everyone's posting about vacays on Facebook
>Everyone wants a crop
>Summer Tule posters everywhere teehee
>I walk around the house wearing undies only, when no one's around. Like a boss.(evil laugh)

It's so hot now isn't it? How about you guys? How do you know it's summer?

Listening to : Bubble Pop! by Hyuna 
              <3: summmmuuurrrr
             =( : break outs


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