March 08, 2012

The Roaring Twenties

A very 20s ASOS Petite Swing dress with Pussybow in Cream, Parisian heeled oxford, Mango braided belt, accessories from everywhere, Longchamp Silver LM bag
Steel Blue Blazer by Roger David, Navy V-neck sweater by ASOS, Burgundy Slim Chinos by Topman,Chocolate Brown Brogues by ASOS, Wayfarers by Ray-ban

Accessories from YRYS and everywhere, Parisian heeled oxfords
my Alexander McQueen inspired ring

my handsome Valentine's date

The fashion industry has a peculiar way of expressing political commentary. As the world still reels from the GFC, the Euro crashes and the entire financial system  threatens to implode, the fashion world squeezes out one last hurrah, a sort of dance until the world ends orgasm of creative inspiration from the heady times of the roaring 1920s. 

Glamorous and feminine, decked out in paisley, pastels, pearls peacock and ostrich feathers, fashion returns to its roots. Feminine sequin and beaded dresses, art deco prints, bias cut dresses, cloche hats, cocktail ring, as well as masculine inspired pin stripes, double breasted suits and brogue wingtips - all symbolic of the decadence, wealth and the female liberation of the 1920s have returned with modern twists in a veritable ‘up-yours’-style anodyne to the pessimistic outlook of the world today. 

Much has been said of inspiration being taken from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby and HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. But that would dilute the expressionist significance of this movement. Instead, think Marlene Dietrich, think Wiemar Germany. Think liberated, risqué, think androgynous and feminine, think The Blue Angel. Most of all, make sure to live it up whilst you’re enjoying this trend. Like the 1920s, our good times won’t last forever. Make sure that when the world ends, you’re decked out in style.

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