March 15, 2012

My Short Video in Paris and Blog Updates

thanks to my sister Margie do for uploading this on youtube!
A very short video of me and my lola in Paris in front of the famous Eiffel tower.  It was taken by our new-found friend from the tour, Ate Laine. Thank you so much! It was our last destination before we headed back to England. Paris is such a beautiful place and I was so happy that I was able to scratch it out of my bucket list. I think every girl's dream is to visit this romantic city and I thank God I saw it with my beloved grandmother. Now, I need to see it again with my family and Mark.

Mark's A Lucky Bastard or MARK Y U SO LUCKEH?
 I remember a story back in 2007, Mark went to Paris for one day before heading to Manila just to hide from someone that he's going to the Philippines, sort of a short detour. One day. Seriously. He recounted his tale so casually on how he went around the city by himself and visited the Louvre for the nth time (oh the horror. oh the sarcasm in my tone).
Mark also lived in Spain with his older sister when he was younger and he would run away to England when he had arguments with his ate. Dafuq right? Today, I have been to more places in Europe, so we're quite even when it comes to storytelling. I really want to travel Europe with Mark though, it's like  having your own tour guide.  :D

On Un-updated Travel Posts: We're Sorry, We Love You
We have quite a number of  pictures from my Euro trip and videos from Singapore, Cambodia and Laos that we haven't posted here and on Facebook. Our goal is to post them soon and share a bit of info about the places we've experienced. 
Mark and I can't review every cafe, hotel or places we've been to since it would just take a lot of effort and we just don't have the time. Although it's a bit tedious, we promised some amazing places from different countries that we would make a blog post about their establishment (esp in Cambodia and Laos) so watch out for that. A lot of people have been asking us about places to stay and good restaurants in peninsular Asia and we could recommend a few great ones with excellent service to make your planning easier and your trips better.

So Where Are We Now? 
 I'm currently writing this in Davao around 5AM since I can't sleep on a new bed. I will visit some beaches in the exotic Samal Island, Pearl Farm Beach Resort and a private beach owned by a very close friend. I'll be back soon for more blog updates. 
Mark is currently in Sydney studying law in University of Sydney. He will graduate from his Arts degree,his first degree, this April so we're all really excited and proud. No, I will not be able to attend his graduation because I will attend my sister's, my bestfriend's grads and I'll have my interview for MFA. I am torn between sadness and happiness.
 Mark is also having an awesome time coaching his new debate team. I heard they're super active kids and quite articulate. He's so stressed his skin is breaking out and he only really lights up whenever he sees our dogs on webcam. Poor hun...not. I laugh at his first world problems but he'll soon laugh at mine when I start my master's degree in 3 months.
 So for now, I'm enjoying the country, summer and lazy days because once I start studying again, my blog and facebook will be quiet-er. 

Please bear with us for a while esp with the reviews. I have been receiving questions through FB, phones and e-mails. Huhu. I've been posting everyday these past few weeks just to catch up on back posts. We'll get there. Our blog will be on "real time" in a few weeks. We promise. 
Enjoy life for now and we hope you're having a blast planning your vacays.
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