March 07, 2012

My DIY Ombré Hair Color

 Last week, I decided to dye my hair with a little help from Ate Sally. I know it's a bit late but I still wanted to try the Ombré hair color trend. I almost thought I failed until my hair dried and I was able to take a closer look. It's very subtle but I read that the new way to wear it this 2012 is by keeping the colors and the gradient effect more natural. So far, I like it. For more info about this hair trend read on.
"A trend that’s stuck around for seasons, ombré hair looks like it’s here to stay for 2012. Lapped up by the A-listers, everyone from Jessica Biel, Lauren Conrad, Rachel Bilson and Drew Barrymore have bought into the hair colour trend, with Drew recently returning to her bleached blonde ends after getting bored of her block brunette ‘do." 

"The key to this season’s updated ombré is to keep it more natural, creating a seamless blend from your root shade to the colour on the ends of your hair. “Initially more statement and high impact in finish, this time round the trend is becoming more beautiful and far more delicate,” says Christel Lundqvist, HOB Salons’ Creative Colour Director, “Working with a more natural finish, the two shades used are a lot closer in colour now and the stretch starts further down the hair shaft as opposed to closer to the root like previously – this creates a softer, more feminine finish.” "

 Not bad. So ready for art school! I was thinking of cutting my hair really short with a style reminiscent of my college days and dyeing it pink or bleach blonde but alas, Mark was not too happy with the idea of short hair nor the color pink. He likes me with long tresses and is even urging me to curl it. My poor mane, the horror. 

Reference for me and Ate Sally. haha. 

If you want the Ombré effect, I suggest you go to a respectable parlor or salon like Jing Monis' who's also a good friend of Mark.  I'm not sure if they do  Ombré  though. I have been dyeing and sometimes trimming my hair for almost 5 years now so I think I know what I'm doing. If I encounter any hair color disaster I just try to work it with make-up and outfit to get a proper theme. 
Good luck! 

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  1. Hi Millie. What dye did you use to make an Ombré effect for your hair? I like your hair color. I hope to get an answer from you. I really want that hair color ever since kaso its so hard to achieve *sigh*. Naiinggit ako, waaaah! Ang ganda ng color. Perfect! I love love love it! :)

    1. Hey Anne! Thank you for commenting. It's really hard to say which hair product can give this look since I've already used several hair coloring products. Patong patong na yung kulay nya to be honest. I'm just lucky it turned out that way. I first started with Ash Blonde way back in 2006-07 from L'Oreal and accidentally used copper blonde last year, then this month I used ash blonde again for updating of the roots and I used bleaching for the tips. Hope this was helpful. I cannot guarantee it will have the same effect to your hair since I have colored my hair several times and my hair hasn't been black for 5 years or so. :)Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for answering my question :) It helped me a lot, thanks again Millie! :)

  3. Hi Millie, last question. What brand of bleaching kit did you use for the tips? Any suggestion? :(

    1. Any bleaching product will do from L'Oreal to Revlon to our very cheap HBC :) no problem :D

  4. Wow! Thanks Millie! You the best! :)

  5. clip in hair extensions

    There are also some blends that might contain adulterants like gold nitrate, dime, and carmine, which can all cause allergies or steel harming.

    1. thanks so much for the info. I agree with you on the hair extensions :)


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