March 04, 2012

Millie Loves Venice, Italy

St. Mark's Square

gondola ride with Lola :)

Grand Canal

Mozart's apartment

Italy is the Belpaese. It's pure charm, seduction and beauty infused in a single piece of land the size of a boot. Whilst Italy is diverse, particularly in its North-South divide, the country is unified by stunning architecture, art, history and glorious food. From Venice, to Verona, Milan and Rome, Italy is a playground for artists and lovers alike that captures the imagination, like the actuation of a dream. Caravaggio paintings, baroque mansions tumbling into canals, side by side ancient ruins combine with gorgeous people for a truly addictive destination that enchants hearts. But make no mistake, Italy is Europe's bad boy - it will charm you, but it plays by its own rules.

Venice is the greatest example why Italy is well loved. I could spend a whole week going around the city, painting, dining and admiring the beautiful scenery. Here are some facts about Venice: 

>Venice was once the centre for international trade. 

>Two million people speak Venetian, a native language, distinct from, yet related to Italian.

>Tourists outnumber locals in the historic centre of the city, with the half the local population disappearing in the last thirty years.

>Venetian buildings are constructed on closely spaced wooden piles, which are still intact despite centuries of submersion. 

>Venice is slowly sinking, with the city combating the rising waters with a complex system of tidal controls.

As gold light cut through the sky, a curtain of amber embraced the dark waters of the canal. Lovers locked their lips on their gondolas, unfettered by the swaying waters and the cool breeze. With this picture in mind, I have decided to include Venice in one of my honeymoon destinations, someday.

Listening to :  Future Starts Slow by The Kills
              <3:  venice
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