March 12, 2012

Millie In Fair Verona

verona piazza delle erbe

It's so picturesque, almost like a painting.

I wanna live in of those the beauty of this place

verona piazza delle erbe

Romeo and Juliet: Juliet's Balcony

Lovers from all over the world vandalized the gates

people stick gum on the walls of Juliet's gates and wrote their names and their lovers

Juliet's Balcony

It was said that when you rub Juliet's boobs, you will have a successful love life.

Imagine my excitement when we were told that we'd pass by Verona. It was a beautiful city of  art and architecture, truly an explosion of history and culture. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it lived up to its title with urban structures rivaling any fairy tale scenery. I was most delighted by Piazza delle Erbe where different stalls gathered between cafes and shops, basked in the afternoon sunlight--a very European, charming town-like ambiance. When I visit Italy again, I'll definitely go back and have a good chat with my lover under one of those umbrellas in the Piazza.
Here are some other interesting facts about Verona:

>Verona is ancient, with most houses and palazzi cellars built on Roman artefacts

>The Verona Arena, built in 30AD, originally used for gladiatorial fights is still used for large-scale opera performances.

>Verona has been mentioned in both the works of Shakespeare and Dante.

>Verona was the site of important historical events since ancient history, hosting Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, Theodoric the Great and the Visigoth Kings.
Now get your bucket list and write Verona as one of your destinations. Now.

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  1. What is your work, really? Why do you get to go abroad every time? :)) I love your blog Millie! :)

    1. Hey there! thank you :) I've had different jobs from teaching to make-up to insurance, and I always save a lot every paycheck. I'm currently a bum waiting for my MFA interview. hehe thanks for reading :D

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