March 13, 2012

MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick Review

MAC's Pink Nouveau has been a staple in a lot of Pinay fashionistas' make up collection. I find this rather odd since this lipstick has a very cool-toned Barbie pink hue which does not normally compliment Pinay skin tones. It gives off a more lilac shade which I'm not really into. Mark bought this from Singapore as a "pasalubong" so who am I to refuse? He absolutely loves the color on me while I'm a bit hesitant--I'm a more red, coral, orangey kind of girl. If you can rock Pink Nouveau, well kudos to you! I wouldn't buy this again though.

Item: MAC Pink Nouveau Lipstick
Price: 25 SGD since Mark bought mine in Singapore. Around P965-1,000 here in the Phils.
Color: Barbie Pink (Matte)

- Creamy but still a bit drying.
-Looks great in photos, surprisingly
-Works with cool-toned gals or maybe darker skins 
-very light, easy to carry
-smells nice

-a bit drying
-does not work well with a lot of skin tones
-gives off a bluish lilac shade
-needed to apply a lot for some reason

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I hope these reviews helped a bit.  
Enjoy your red lippies!

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