March 26, 2012

The Hunger Games' Katniss Everdeen Inspired Hair and Make-Up

Hey there! I recently watched The Hunger Games at Abreeza Ayala Mall in Davao and I was so fascinated by the costumes, hair and make-up of the characters particularly the main character's, Katniss Everdeen. Here is my take on Katniss' hair and make up and some links for tutorials on how to recreate her look. Again, these images are just inspired so I'm not really trying to copy the whole effect from the movie.
First make-up is her neutral, everyday face before going to Capitol for a bit of make-over while the second make-up will be based from the description in the books. 

 * HAIR *
This is a good everyday look if you want to go on a date, in the office, school or just about anywhere. You can add more bangs or strands of hair in front depending on how neat or laid back you want to come off.

Braids are so romantic and add sophistication to your ensemble. Keep this section neat and try to make your braids as tight as possible since this part of your braid holds everything together. If you have thick hair, you're lucky that you'll still be able to recreate Katniss' chunky braids. As you can see, I'm in dire need of hair coloring but I'm the doing the whole ombre effect so I keep my roots a bit dark.

You can put your side braid on either your left or right shoulder depending on the part of your hair. We had to repeat this since my braid didn't fall down properly. It's ok to repeat the steps as long as you have bands to hold the finished braids in place.

It's ok if it looks a bit messy as to give it that natural feel.
For a tutorial of this side braid, I will include links at the end of this post so
keep on scrolling :)
I kept everything muted but added a dash of gold on my eyes to make this look more interesting. I've also been told by guys that I should try gold eye make up. Guess what, they were right. It looked great! 
Maintain a flawless finish and contour your cheeks just a bit with gold bronzer if you want. The make-up artists for The Hunger Games have perfected the "No Make Up Make Up" for Katniss, but I think that would appear too boring.
Contour your eyes with a darker shade of brown and lightly feather it out for a more cat-eye effect. 
A very thin line of eye liner highlights the gold eye make-up.
Skin: Revlon PhotoReady Liquid Foundation
Concealer: MAC NW30
Eyes: Dollface 78 make up palette in Gold  and Coastal Scents Neutral Make Up palette
Eyebrows: Etude and Ever Bilena
Eyeliner: MAC
Lips : Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in 230 Fleshtone  
Finish with a nude lippie like Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in 230 Fleshtone 

"The team works on me until late afternoon, turning my skin to glowing satin, stenciling patterns on my arms, painting flame designs on my twenty perfect nails. Then Venia goes to work on my hair, weaving strands of red into a pattern that begins at my left ear, wraps around my head, and then falls in one braid down my right shoulder. They erase my face with a layer of pale makeup and draw my features back out. Huge dark eyes, full red lips, lashes that throw off bits of light when I blink. Finally, they cover my entire body in a powder that makes me shimmer in gold dust."
-Katniss when being prepared to wear her jeweled dress.
To keep the eye make-up really dark, I first coated it with a thin layer of eyeliner from Maybelline then proceeded to pile on black eye make-up. You can do it vice versa but the technique I used gave the smokey effect that I wanted. I used thick lines of liquid eyeliner to recreate the wings.
This look was based from a passage in The Hunger Games book but I added a little twist of having feathered eyeliner which resembled wings or flames to keep in line with the flaming Mokingjay theme.

Revlon PhotoReady Liquid Foundation
Concealer: MAC NW30
Eyes: Coastal Scents Neutral Make Up palette
Eyebrows: Etude and Ever Bilena
Eyeliner: MAC and Maybelline
Lips : MAC Russian Red

I used MAC Russian Red or you can always use a cheaper Ever Bilena lipstick in Scarlet.

I know Jennifer Lawrence is a million times more beautiful as Katniss but I hope you enjoyed The Hunger Games inspired looks I created ^___^

Here are some pegs I used for this post.

Photography: Margaret Morales
Make-Up: Millie Morales
Hair: Sally Bibon (who has been doing my hair since kindergarten. She used to do my hair in braids every single day  until 6th grade.)

Here are some links for Katniss' Hair Tutorial:


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  1. Nice one, Jennifer Lawrence is way much beautiful than Katniss but at least they give verdict to the character. :)

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    1. Thanks.. I think Jennifer Lawrence did a good job as Katniss though :)

  2. Mas maganda ka pa kay Jennifer Lawrence tbh. :)

    Miss Millie, would you mind if I ask you where do you have your hair colored?

    1. Hello Ren! Salamat! hahaha :D I have my hair colored at home. Minsan L'oreal, minsan HBC.. depending on what's available. :)

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