March 06, 2012

Hapadog: Original Japanese-Style Hotdogs

Hapadog at the ground floor of the new wing in  Alabang Town Center

small space

Mark's Korokke dog

Hapadog - caramelized onions, wasabi mayo, hapa sauce, nori flakes, spring onions
- best seller

With the opening of a new wing in ATC, a new raft of restos emerges from, each with a decidedly Asian flavor. ATC has embraced the Philippines’ place in Asia, rejecting stock Americanisms, leaving such matters to upper floor shoppers.
The new wing takes us through a culinary journey through Asia, starting with Singaporean style Hainanese Chicken, a John & Yoko outlet for Japanese Fusion, the new Korean Bulgogi Restaurant, frying up your own meat, homegrown Crisostomo’s, Bon Chon chicken and super-Asian flavored Gong Cha bubble tea.

Rounding out the mix is Hapadog - a fast food fusion at its most addictive and sophisticated. The concept is simple: high quality, 100% German style pork sausages, paired with Japanese staples; but the result is a complex bouquet of flavor that is devilishly addictive.
My first run-in with their hotdogs appeared to be a mere fleeting novelty. The Hapadog, loaded with caramelized onions, wasabi mayonnaise, spring onions and nori flakes

My second run had me hooked - a Korokke Dog - essentially, a portmanteau of a Japanese Croquette - a bread crumbed sausage and mash potato combo, drizzled with sweet tonkatsu sauce, wasabi mayonnaise and nori flakes.
A third run is planned - this time sampling their sake shots and lychee iced tea.

Hapadog transcends the mere perfunctory efforts of other hotdog places. You’ll find nothing cheap here - quality ingredients are served up at high speeds, setting a new standard for funky fast food. If you haven’t downed one of their hotdogs yet, time to get your skates on. Forget Bon Chon - anyone can grease-fry chicken wings. It takes a precocious mind to whip up such unorthodox flavors at such low prices.

What: Hapadog, Original Japanese-Style Hotdogs
Where: New Wing, Alabang Town Center/ Sky Garden, SM North Edsa 

* Amazing sausages, great meat quality
* Yummy and inventive toppings
* Bottomless lychee iced tea
* Extensive menu including Sake Shots

* Small dine-in area. Run and gun may be preferable.
* The sausages are so good, it’s almost a shame to dress them up in mayo and wasabi
* Not exactly a choice for diets...

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