March 31, 2012

Affordable Designer Clothes From Austin Rolan Boutique

Navy military wool jacket from Banana Republic (via Austin Rolan), shirt and skirt from Chocolate Clothing Co (Rustans), leggings from Supré (Sydney), leather boots from Aldo (Sydney), red leather gloves from Dangerfield (Sydney), leopard print scarf from SM Department Store

Red wool trench coat from Talbots (Austin Rolan), brown braided wool scarf from Austin Rolan, charcoal grey shirt from Zara TRF, black wool gloves from Baguio, black pants from Lee (with 2 warmers underneath), leather boots from Aldo, bag by Chloe.

in Italy

in Switzerland

What: Austin Rolan
Where:  #63 president avenue (across starbucks), BF 
Homes Paranaque City
phone: 782-9050; 775-0047; 8426405
cellphone: +63917-8470426

When: shop's open from 10am-8pm
Good for: proms,grad balls,  winter vacations, weddings, corporate events or any formal event etc.

Austin Rolan Boutique sells affordable designer clothes from Banana Republic, D&G, Emporio Armani, Hugo Boss, Uggs, Talbots, Zara, Old Navy, Ann Taylor and many more. Their clients range from those with full pockets and discerning eyes to local celebrities. Their main boutique appears as a small specialty shop inside BF, but you can also catch them at bazaars in The Fort and around Manila. The brand specializes in winter gear and formal wears. 

I got my winter attire from them for a very affordable price, when I went to Europe last November. If you're interested, give them a call or visit their boutique. Austin Rolan is actually the name of my sister's boyfriend. Anyway, thank you Austin and a big thanks to your mother for my beautiful and super warm wool coats!

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