February 26, 2012

Vivere Sky Lounge Review

 We had merienda at Vivere Sky Lounge or super late lunch (whatever you call it) last Valentine's Day. 

 It was not our first time in Vivere.  Back in 2007, Mark and I stayed there for almost a week and to think we only stayed in our room for 8 hours to sleep since I was still studying in UPLB and had to go back and forth Los Banos-Alabang. Crazy. When we look back at how much we spent, we almost always cry.

 Recently, I have been going to Sky Lounge with my girlfriends from my former company to have some "girl time".

 Anyway, hope you'll find this review helpful :)

Alabang doesn’t get many gourmet eateries, concept menus or independent resident chefs. More than a stone’s throw away from the CBD and ringed by profusion of chain restaurants and cafes, Alabang has been content with the title of ‘Lawrence of Suburbia.’

But this makes the gastronomic gems shine even brighter. Vivere Hotel’s Skylounge is an exception to the ho-hum drummery of local fare. On the top floor of the Hotel, with 360 degree views of Metro Manila, the Skylounge is a welcome respite from work, shopping, gym, children and other life stressors. 

The menu offers the conventional international mix expected of any 5-star hotel, with Napoli style pizzas, stir fry cashew nut tofu, Bimibap and Sea Bass. And whilst the menu really is jack-of-all trades, master of none, the full-sized servings, the excellent quality cuts of meat and the sheer breadth of choice in the menu make the food a real winner. When I want high quality western fare, I come here.

Hotel training guarantees excellent service from well trained staff. The floor staff are young, observant and professional, with a genuine sense of self-assurance typically absent in Manila. 

However, the real highlight is the view. At sunset, with cocktail in hand and a cool breeze blowing, Suburbia feels a long way away.

What: Vivere Sky Lounge
Where: Bridgeway cor Asean St Filinvest, Alabang, Muntinlupa, Luzon, 1780, Philippines

*Gorgeous views and wonderful ambience
*Extensive Menu
*Quality cuts of meat and ingredients 
*Generous alcohol servings, top-shelf booze and well-kept wine
*Excellent staff

*Menu is really jack of all trades, master of none
*Can be pricey if not in a group

Listening to : Sunrise Comes Too Soon by Late Night Alumni
              <3: Vivere
             =( : latebackpay!

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