February 18, 2012

Valentine's Day Surprise

Last Valentine's day, I kissed my laptop because Mark was not able to visit us here in the Philippines. We just skyped the night away and I felt like jumping inside the laptop screen so I could be with him. I was very sad since I saw a lot of couples in ATC, holding hands, kissing and were just very happy. To make up for our lost Vday last year, Mark got me gorgeous red roses and the biggest surprise of all, a BlackBerry Torch 9860!

 I'm not a very techie person. I'm not into latest gadgets, phones or anything new from Apple. I don't wait for the latest iPhone or iPad because it's just too impractical. My laptop is around three years old and I've always had simple Nokia phones for calls and text. That's it. I never really enjoyed games, pics nor surfing the net using my phone. I find it complicated and feel pressured to keep an expensive unit safe. I still have an old iPod Nano that I rarely use and my digicam has been very famous among friends because of its "blackhole" on the screen. Throughout my travels all over the world, people from all races have asked me what the fuck is that dark circle on my digicam's lens. It has become a running joke in the office and they sometimes "miss" my camera. Most of my close friends know this and sometimes they would laugh when my brows frown when I check out their "gadgets". 

So when Mark bought me this BlackBerry, you could just imagine my confused face. I never really liked touch screen gadgets since I have no patience for them but for this very special phone, I shall make an exception.  I will try to love this gift and actually figure out how to live with it.  My friends and my sister gave me mischievous grins when they heard about the gift, they find pleasure seeing me troubled when I try to look at thingamajigs. 
Mark has been very generous and I will forever be grateful for all his love and support. In turn, I actually got him something special with the help of my friends and planned a two-week vacation for him in Tagaytay and Palawan. I'm sorry hunny but this is my way of showing love. Memories are actually more important to me so I spend most of my savings on travel destinations. Nothing beats experience with the one you love. 

It seems like we're trying to outdo each other this Valentine's Day but what the heck, these "things" are not enough to show how much we love each other. I think what's more important is that we're together hence the super tight embrace I gave him last Feb 14. I want us to stay that way. Hopefully for the rest of our lives.
Let's stay this way ha??

Listening to : Always Belong To you by Michelle Shaprow
             <3: Valentine's Day

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