February 01, 2012

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

This outfit was created by Ms.Apan78 :)
Everyone's been gushing about how February is the month of love. I've seen hearts floating on my Facebook newsfeed from excited friends, particularly women, who seemed to be anticipating romantic gestures from their lovers. I have been receiving several messages in FB (from both genders mind you) asking for some love advice, fashion tips, shopping meccas, beauty products, gift ideas etc. and a bit of help in romantic matchmaking.
 Well, I can't post pictures of different men and women here to match your needs, but what I can do is post different outfits to match your personality for your ensemble this Valentine's Day. 

Mark recently introduced me to this website where I could mix and match clothes as outfit posts for my blog. Here are some of my Valentine's Day outfit ideas for the ladies. You may tinker some or may not approve of them but I tried to make them wearable. Enjoy! 

       "Lady Danger"
I just love the whole 50s ladylike red dress paired with a leather jacket and ankle boots to toughen the look.Valentine's Day is that time of the year where rock chicks can "dress up", look girly, but still pull off a a dangerous vibe. A lady-like clutch with an edgy design matched with a cocktail ring and a sweetheart ribbon necklace balance the whole theme.

 "Romantic Opulence"
For the fashionistas who want to exude elegance with a classic laid-back style.  The different textures of leather, chiffon, cotton and gold accentuate this neutral palette. This is good for a lunch date with your lover.

 "Pop Goes My Heart"
For the fun, flirty and sweet girls on vacation, picnic or road trip underneath a blue sky on a sunny day. I don't know how much more can you scream " I'm so in love!" in public with a bright smile and your boy-next-door charmer holding your hand.

"Sexy Party Vixen"
I think this would either suit a single working woman out to have fun in a club or bar, OR a woman who's been in a relationship for a long time and wore this to surprise the boyfie or le husband. Either way, this outfit is an attention grabber. Power dressing can be so sexy and the mini skirt gives off a flirty edge.

Hope this helped a bit. Enjoy your Valentine's Day!

Listening to: Llove (feat. Haley) by Kaskade
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  1. Matched those awesome outfit of yours with giving your special someone this sweet and romantic gifts that are affordable and romantic.

    1. True.. like chocolates, flowers or long handwritten letters. haha :)


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