February 27, 2012

Mark Talks A Lot

Hey there teddy bear! This is my boyfriend Mark. He is Filipino-Australian, NOT Japanese, Chinese or Korean. He was born and raised in Sydney and is extremely smart. He's currently finishing his law degree in University of Sydney and visits me sometimes here in the Philippines. We've known each other since we were teenagers and have been in an on and off relationship.  
Despite his eloquence and wit, he still can't speak Filipino properly but is really trying to. He's a bit of a troublemaker when around family and friends and would really talk a hell of a lot when we're alone. 

Here are some of our conversations:

Watching Star Wars Episode 5.

Millie: As a child, I was a bit scared of Yoda since I only knew him as this frog-like creature living in the swamp or something..

Mark: It's Dagobah..
Millie: Excuse me?
Mark: The system where he exiled himself is called "Dagobah".
Millie: Wait..what?? I mean.. how the hell would I know that????

Mark: It was mentioned several times! It was mentioned in Episode 3 and you see it in Episode 5 and 6... jeez! (unbelievable face)

Millie: THE VIRGIN FORCE IS STRONG IN THIS ONE. (ooh wait. hehe)

We were spending a quiet night talking about serious stuff when..

Mark: You know what has been bothering me..
Millie: Yeah?
Mark: I don't know.. I just don't get it..
Millie: What??
Mark: What does "scrubs" mean?
Millie: WHAT???

Mark: (serious face) You know, we know a "scrub" is a guy that can't get no love from her, hanging out the passenger side of his best friend's ride, trying to holler at the chick... but what exactly is he???


In my grandmother's house, Mark made a comment about my younger cousins who would go to my Lola's place but would not eat her uber delicious buffet cooked by her with love. Lola had to order pizza for those spoilt cousins and it has been going on for almost 10 years. Geez.

Dining table. Lunch. Lola, my family, Tito Mervin, Margie and her boyfriend Austin were there except my cousins.

Mark: Lola, I can't believe they would not eat your delicious meal!!!

Everyone laughs nervously.

Tito Mervin: Say that in Tagalog hahahah.

Mark: Para bang..yung kakain hindi pero masarap...

Millie: Say this hun.."Lola, hindi ako makapaniwalang hindi nila kinakain luto mo."

Mark : Totoo!! Parang sila....mga GAGO talaga!!!

Everyone (eyes wide) : MARK!!!!!!!!! 

Millie: Mark!!! Don't say that in front of Lola!! I did not teach him that! I swear!!

Mark's face: 

Breakfast a while ago...

Mark: Are those...ANTS on my cereal?
Millie: Yeah.. don't worry they're edible hehe.
Mark: Not really.... but their eggs are quite tasty!!
Millie: ......



A really wonderful friend texted me a very moving poem. Mark read it and said  it was really good.

Millie: Why don't you make poems for me anymore like you used to back in 2007?
Mark: Oh love but I have something better!!
Millie: Really? (excited)
Mark: hold on.. (gets his laptop and holds it like a gentleman, head up)
Millie: (kilig)

Mark: My Neck... my back...(stares at me behind the screen..smoldering eyes)
Millie: continue...
Mark: Lick my pussy and my crack (can't contain laughter)
Millie:  WTF????

Mark: First you gotta put your neck into it
Don't stop, just do, do it
Then you roll your tongue, from the crack back to the front
then suck it off til I shake and cum nigga
make sure I keep bustin nuts nigga
all over your face and stuff
slow head show me so much love 

Millie: OMG.

Mark: HAHAHAHAHAH sorry it's a song by this chick Khia and I don't know how the hell she 
could sing this with a straight face HAHAHAHAHA


Dining table during dinner.

Millie: Ma, I'm so acidic.. I need Nexium.
Mother: No, just eat lots of bananas!! Margie started eating bananas and her stomach's better now.

Millie: fffffiiiinnnnnne....
Mark: Yeah Millie... eat your banana.
Millie:  (looks at Mark)
Mark's face: 


I just wanted to share this. Hope it made you smile at least.
Thanks for reading!

Listening to: My Neck, My Back by Khia, No Scrubs by TLC 
             <3: Mark
            =( : Mark


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