February 18, 2012

Cheap Authentic Longchamp For Sale

So I recently bought a Longchamp from my bestfriend KRISTINE GAIL LOBO  and I'm extremely happy about it :) 

 My bestfriend Gail is selling authentic Longchamp for a very very cheap price. I got mine already and I love it! I bought my first Longchamp in Switzerland and was able to compare the bags and the only difference was that my silver Longchamp LM was made in Paris while this pink one is made in China. I've known Gail since college and we're really close friends. Gail sometimes stays in my house, sleeps in my room and we know each other inside out--we're practically sisters so I know she's a legit seller.  
You can see our pics up there in one of her sleepovers.

Longchamp is a very good brand and has sturdy bags good for everyday use. It's versatile, stylish and very cheap for its quality.
Definitely value for your money!

Anyway, if you're interested for authentic Longchamp bags for a very cheap price, you can message Kristine Gail Lobo or "Gail" on  https://www.facebook.com/kristinegaillobo
or call/text her 0916 470 55 42

if still in doubt you can check "how to spot an original Longchamp from fake" here.

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             <3: Longchamps
            = (: viral infection

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