February 05, 2012

Hallo Deutschland!!

Hello Germany!!!

right. hehehe

I look fat with all the layers! I had 3-4 layers of clothes

my mother's vintage tartan shirt  from the late 70s, Zara gray cardigan which you can't see,  Banana Republic wool military jacket, thrifted red skull scarf, skinny jeans from Lee, Topshop brown satchel, Aldo boots from Sydney

Some of my pictures in Germany before the terrible snow. We were lucky to experience a bit of heat!
More pictures of Germany soon. 
To be honest, I was not able to really dress up for this vacation because I did not have time to shop nor prepare because of work. I also wanted to be practical when it came to packing my clothes since I had to carry everything and not rely on Mark for help.
Germany is a really beautiful country despite its now awkward relationship with almost every country surrounding it. Still, we can learn a lot from ze Germans. :)

Listening to :  Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? by She & Him
              <3: Germany
             =( : cold

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