February 06, 2012

February Mood Board

Make Up: dark eyes, dark lips. The picture of Megan Fox above is the perfect example of the old Hollywood glamour I have been going for. (As usual) Only that lips are darker now.

Watching: BIG BANG THEORY SEASON 5 FTW. nuff said.

Listening to: Marilyn Manson, Eminem, A Perfect Circle and TV On The Radio. Why? Because I was angry. I wasted a lot of time dealing with people who didn't deserve my commitment, attention nor my love. Thank God I got them out of my system. Detoxified. And oh, I crave Marilyn and Marshall Bruce Mathers.

Friendship: I was able to connect with an old friend. We've known each other since my early days in college but I was not able to properly bond with this person. Now, we've been talking until 5AM about anything under the moon. This friend reads a hell lot and is extremely intelligent. I missed talking to people with so much passion and who are well informed with just about ANYTHING. I had nerdgasms everytime  my buddy said something witty and it made me miserable that I had to recall all the annoying times I would stare blankly at this other guy's face as he made crass jokes which weren't even sarcastic nor funny, just plain stupid. Again, I'm over that now. Back to sensible chitchat with my long time friend.

Relationship: I am actually happy that I was able to remove all unnecessary baggage in my relationships. I deleted a lot of people from Facebook and my life, felt relieved afterwards.  I've had to cut ties with unwanted trolls and focus on Mark. We were able to spend more time together in Asia without contacting anyone and it made us realize how much better we were in each other's company. There were some misunderstandings that ensued back here in the country and it was almost a deal breaker since we rarely fought. We were so hurt that we almost agreed to move on with our lives and it was the perfect opportunity  for a break up since I was going back to school and was about to enter a new phase in my life. After a few weeks and after much patience and discussion, we were able to reconcile and come out stronger and to think this is the first time I really thought we'd both given up. We felt like a brand new couple and we were able to talk about taking our relationship to the next level. We started talking about the future like we never did before. Sige na, ako na ang kinikilig.

Wanting: The BEACH!!! I want to go to the beach soon and I will!!!

Thankful For: All the people who have contacted me, asking for tips and advise. I had crazy questions about love, sex, fashion, make-up, relationships, beauty, career, travels, etc.  I'm no expert (definitely) but I felt like Inday Badiday. Valentine's day is really a big thing in our country whaddya know. Thank you all for your trust! :)

So far so good 2012 :)

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