January 29, 2012

Why We Need "Girl Time"

My girlfriend and "half sister" Gail from college who I will always love in the whole world.

my new-found girlfriend Allison from my ex-company. I just love her! :D

With Allison, Lucky and Ralen, best memories with them!

Sarah! I just have to tell this story. Sarah was like an hour late for our girl bonding so when she finally arrived, we sang "Happy Birthday" to bring attention to her arrival, the staff  at Skylounge in Vivere  thought that it was actually Sarah's birthday and gave her a cake and sang "Happy Birthday" after our dessert. We were already so full and couldn't finish the cake. We burst out laughing. 

Christmas party with my former officemates.
I got really tipsy here and started singing "Umbrella"

I am actually not a huge fan of all-female barkadas. Pictures from my high school would discourage me from ever joining or forming one and to this day, I still can't believe I could go out with a bunch of estrogen with bodies. Much as men are dumbfounded about the mysteries of women, I, myself am astonished on how an all-female group can actually function. Women are unpredictable and full of ironies, we are moody and can be needy. I admit that. What I cannot understand though, is how women could bitch about another female for a month yet still say "hello", smile and hang out with that twat. Another reason why I have or had enemies. I just can't be plastic like that. If I hate someone, I'll let him or her know how I think with my look of distaste followed by snide comments and the inevitable confrontation. No, I cannot be a Jedi. Yes, life is too short to be with despicable people. 

On the other hand, inside every woman lies a "girl" I could connect to. This "girl" is the selfish yet happy and partying Id I could identify with and can tap into. Hence I give you the top 10 reasons why we need our "Girl Time" :

1. Listening to other women will actually help you with your problems by diverting your attention away from your self you selfish, selfish person.

2. Having friends helps your image. You have more photos having fun with girls therefore, people especially men, will actually think you're a very sociable and understanding human being and would not poison them after sleeping with you.

3."Girl Time" may mean a lot of things like going out and  having make-overs so that your girlfriends can tell you how pretty you are because your self esteem highly depends on what other girls think of you. A boost of self confidence is always good for you.

4. Sleepovers will let you know who your real girlfriends are. If they love you without your make-up and genuinely tell you so, then she is NOT your friend. She is secretly trying to make you go out in your pajamas and will not make you strive to look better. If a man tells you that you're beautiful without make up after the deed, he's a keeper.

5.  You can actually talk about sex with girlfriends and not feel embarrassed about how dirty you are. In fact, girlfriends are always the best people to talk about sex than with guys since you don't have to end up sleeping with them or if you didn't sleep with them, they wouldn't call you a slut after so much sex talk but no action.

6. Time with your girls will always come in handy after the inevitable break-up. A word of advise: if you're going to cry and your girls hug you, listen to you and give you advise, make sure to thank them by extending the same courtesy when it's their turn, or agree to pay half of the bill in your chosen restaurant you chose to let your "feelings" out.

7. Having  pretty women/girls around you keeps you on your toes and will always  challenge you to be better, have better, look better and do better. Admit it.

8. A group of girls can be used as a protection against freaks and "mahangin" sort of men. A group of women huddled together is as effective as the Spartan formation in 300.

9. When one of  your girlfriends go on a vacation or any special occasion, you get freebies. Who doesn't want freebies?

10. Lastly, some girlfriends come and some girlfriends go but there will always be one who will stay who's either a childhood friend or a sister, but that one person can change your life and will actually complete you. She can be your soul mate or your guardian angel, whatever she is, it's always good to have one even with all her whirlwind love life, moodiness, bitchiness, ironies, self esteem issues. Well, it's not like you aren't the same, yet she stayed.

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