January 03, 2012

Punchdrunk Panda’s Muni Travel Journal


We got a really nice treat from the mailman!

can you just smell it just from looking at it? pure leather goodness!

Here's my friend Nica!!! I miss you! Thanks again!! <3

Guess what I got last night? I would like to thank my good friend Nica Kim from Punchdrunk Panda for these awesome travel journals. Grabee Nica, sobrang tuwang tuwa ako nung nakita ko to!! They're so perfect I wanted to eat them! Hahaha they look like movie props with all the rugged and classy vintage authenticity, I'm afraid to use
 them! haha

and so, since we loved it so much we decided to make a review: 

Punchdrunk Panda’s Muni Travel Journal in partnership with Yabang Pinoy

Yabang Pinoy has embarked on a nation building project of fostering true nationalism, through ideas, words and deeds, generating respect and love of country amongst all of us, beyond empty symbols and meaningless slogans. Punchdrunk Panda combines Filipino industrial design talent to create ultra hip consumer products with a functional, yet funky edge. Together both have given birth to an awesome travel journal.

Wrapped in treated leather with a drawstring closure and velvet soft pages, the Muni Travel Journal looks like it came straight out of an Indiana Jones film. The vintage feel is contrasted with neat modern sketches of the best travel spots in the Philippines, scattered throughout the pages; and a crisp summary of travel spots sketched out. 

Loaded with all this juicy insider information wrapped in a gorgeous leather case, the Muni Travel Journal reminds me how beautiful and rich our country is - from our landscapes to our talented industrial designers.

To sweeten the deal, a portion journal’s proceeds go to the Children’s Environmental Awareness and Action Foundation (CEAAF).

Again we would like to thank Nica for these!
If you want one you may email her at:

or visit:


Listening to: Brahms Double Concerto Op. 102 (for Cello & Violin)
             <3: travel journals!
            =( : still sick


  1. Oh thank God you didn't post a huge ugly photo of me! hahaha!
    and i hope the journals didn't get damaged in transit. enjoy them journals!

  2. NICA!! Hehe I chose your cutest.. ayiiieee heheh thanks ulit sa journals!! muaaah <3

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