January 05, 2012

Little Miss Vivienne

 Dress from Candies, headband from Hong Kong, bow necklace from Terranova, rings from F21, gray knee high socks from David Jones, Vivienne Westwood Melissa Temptation 2 Mushroom Buckle Court Shoes

 I'm sorry but I just have to take pictures of these lovely shoes! They're so cute I could just eat them! Aside from the lolita style, these babies are sooooo comfortable! I was choosing between this shade of pink or the red one but Mark preferred this color; I recently bought red pumps therefore this was an obvious choice. Also, Vivienne Westwood is a staple in any gyaru or stylish otaku...think Nana, Nana Kitade and the like so I'm very happy because these really make the child in me scream kawaii!

Listening to : Kesenai Tsumi by Nana Kitade
             <3: Vivienne Westwood
            =( : saying goodbyes


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