January 22, 2012

Beauty Haul: January 2012 Product Favorites

Hello lovelies! This is my first beauty haul for 2012. These are relatively affordable products and can be bought in any mall near you. I bought the lippies and concealer in a Mac stand at Sephora back in Singapore, while others were purchased at Etude House and PCX in Festival Mall here in Alabang.  I noticed I bought too much lippies since I still have a lot of unused lipsticks and palettes. I don't really finish any of them.  

When it comes to a night regimen on the other hand, I'm actually a low-maintenance kind of lady. The products I use are :   

1. Happy Teatime Cleansing Cream from Etude House in Aloe Tea and now Lemon Tea 
- With a cotton pad, I wipe this soft cream over my face to remove my make-up every night before using my facial wash. This product is really amazing and affordable. After a month of using it, I haven't had any breakouts and my skin improved! I also had an easier time cleaning my face that I didn't need to use toner in some evenings.  

2. Etude House Lip and Eye Make-up remover
-I think I already featured this in my previous haul but what the heck. I noticed that I've been using too much of the Happy Teatime for removing eye make-up which I think isn't recommended according to the box (oops!) so, I properly bought my original eye make-up remover. Affordable but always out of stock. Must be really popular with ze ladies.

After washing my face with L'Oreal or Celeteque cleansers, I apply: 

3. Nivea Visage Q10 plus Anti-Wrinkle Night care
-I wasn't planning on buying this but I was desperate on trying to find the perfect night cream. I really want to start a proper night regimen since I only put Celeteque moisturizer before I sleep. I want to try a whole set of night creams/ serums that I could rely until I get old. I want to start a more aggressive campaign for a healthier skin for the next 10 years. I know it's kind of late but hey, better late than never. Anyway, I noticed that my skin became visibly smoother and softer after using this for a week. Cliche but it is a good product I must say.

Then I put Elizabeth Arden eye cream or Garnier Light Brightening eye roll-on

-end of night regimen-


4. MAC concealer
-I've been using this for a while now but never actually blogged about it. I really like the consistency of the product and how it matches my skin tone as it covers my blemishes. Easy to apply and blends well with my other make-up products. Best of all, it's actually very light on my skin.

5. MAC lippies
-I shall not mention the colors since I'm reserving them for a review. I've been using MAC lipstick for 5 years now and would have an on and off relationship with it since I first purchased one in Sydney. Ahh good times. There was one color that I really liked so I bought two sticks because I will make sure to use this tone for the whole year. The other purplish color was bought due to Mark's obsession with it on my lips. He thought it was so sexy and radical we just had to buy it. Go figure.

6. Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Powder Foundation
- It really holds everything in place...my eyes, nose. I'm kidding. What I mean is that it keeps my make-up from running or my face from getting shiny and oily. It can cake sometimes and is paler than my skin tone. Will see if I will continue using this.

 7. Revlon Colorburst Lipstick
-Ah, MAC's rival in my heart. They do really good lipsticks too you know and they are way more affordable. It's just more convenient to buy this lipstick since the nearest MAC store to me is in Makati.

8. Ever Bilena matte lipstick in super hot scarrrlllett
-This is my dirty secret. I have friends who recommended that SOME of Ever Bilena's lippies are actually not bad. I didn't buy this one though. One of my relatives gave this to me last Christmas with this really cool/ old school lipstick case in the same hot red. I couldn't get enough of this lip color. It's terribly drying but wait 'til you see the photos. This is dirt cheap and I highly recommend this for girls on a tight budget and would like to have a nice collection. 

That's it for now. More beauty reviews hopefully soon. I am waaaayyy behind my posts. Sorry about that! Muaah.

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