January 10, 2012

Best Man To Be On Tour

Best tour guide in the world :)

Hello from Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia!

Tam Prom Temple, Siem Reap: We had to take a pic here where Tomb Raider was filmed. Tomb Raider was once Mark's fave video game.

We apologize for the lack of posts. We've been traveling and will be back after a couple of weeks.  We will also be giving reviews, info, guidelines and tips about traveling to different places from Europe to Asia. It's quite hard to blog while on tour since we're almost always tired but happy. We only have ourselves, our luggage, our Luxe guide and enthusiasm. Mark has been organizing everything and has been the best companion EVER. I love him so much. He really anticipates all our needs, is very good with the map and has charmed all the locals we have met. He chooses only the best boutique hotels, best restaurants and is always considerate of my needs. Mark provides meaningful commentary everywhere we go and is cynically witty like Sheldon. I don't have a boring moment with this intelligent guy. I would like to recommend him as a tour guide but I'd like to keep him for myself. :p

Listening to : Secrets by OneRepublic
              <3: Siem Reap and Mark
             =( : we're still a bit sick T__T

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