January 01, 2012

2012 To Do List: Needs and Wants

It's almost the same list as last year since last 2011's list worked so well for me.  This year I want to:

1. Study again and get my master's degree. I came from a family of academics. It was instilled in me and my sister that a master's degree is essential and must be pursued. Aside from that, I want to learn more about a certain field and I miss being a student again.

2. Travel. I will be going around Asia this year. Mark and I were unable to go last year due to some problems with scheduling but now, we will finally be able to go around peninsular Asia. I also want to visit more provinces in the Philippines.

3.  I want to draw again. Paint. I want to have an art portfolio. I've always wanted to do Fine Arts but never got the chance to.

4. Maintaining this blog proved to be challenging last year because of work. This year, I promise not to neglect writing and doing more posts. I actually set my mind to do 10 posts every month last 2011 to have at least 100 posts: I will do the same thing this year.

5. Being healthier is a lot tougher than I thought. I was almost always doing overtime last year and would go out with friends after, then wake up early the next day still exhausted. I was hospitalized once and met various stomach and lung problems. I should be vigilant in order to maintain a healthy body. Health is indeed wealth. 

6. I'm proud to say that I did not make as much unnecessary purchases last year. My money was spent most on dinners and going out with people. My ex-company paid us really well and bonuses kept on coming so I was able to save. Since I plan on becoming a student this year, I have to be more careful about the way I spend my allowance.

7. I miss reading novels, short stories and poems. I need more brain food.

8.Find my best career path. I need to know what I'm really passionate about.

9. I need and want to stay in love not only with my boyfriend but also with whatever I have chosen to accomplish.

10. Last year, I learned about the ins and outs of insurance. I'm thinking of learning more about psychology this year.

I pray my list works out for 2012.
This list does not contain "rules" that I need to follow in my life nor am I limiting myself to these plans; they are merely guidelines that I could go back to in times when I feel like I'm straying from the path I have chosen. It's better to have goals and plans.  Life's too short, time's too precious to be wasted away.
Good luck on your 2012 lists 

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