January 31, 2012

Only One Thing To Say...

and with that I end my January.

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January 29, 2012

MAC Russian Red Lipstick Review

This is my unused MAC Russian Red. I bought 2 sticks because I fell for this color so much.

Pigmented. Really great color and even if it's a cool-toned red, it works well with ANY skin color.

One coating top and bottom.  Looks a bit warm red because of lighting

the nearest to the actual color of Russian Red

I've been a MAC fan since I bought my first lipstick back in 2007 in Sydney. I've tried several lip colors but I almost always buy any coral lippie from them. After that, I've strayed to Chanel, Revlon, Etude etc just to experiment with other brands. After going to Singapore and passing several MAC stores, I sought after their "Lady Danger" lip color but they were always out of stock. Fortunately, I was able to stumble across MAC's Russian Red.

Russian Red has been MAC's more popular shade since they launched it back in the 80s. Many celebrities including Gwen Stefani, my fave music and style icon, Scarlett Johansson, Dita Von Teese (another fave style icon) and Christina Aguilera to name a few, have sworn their love for this gorgeous lip color from MAC. It adds instant glam to any blah make up or outfit because of its classic/ retro shade. Good for any skin color, this will definitely be a staple in my ever expanding make-up collection.

Item: MAC Russian Red Lipstick
Price: 28 SGD since I bought mine in Singapore. Around P1,000 here in the Phils.
Color: Russian Red (Matte)

- Really pigmented 
- Matte but has a creamy non-drying texture which will lend a bit of sheen to your pout
-Looks great in photos
-Works with any skin color
-very light, easy to carry
-does not stain your teeth!
-smells nice

-lasts long-does not scream "look at me"  when you walk in a room but rather gives off a come-hither vibe
-classic red lip color

-If you're not careful, application can be messy since it's very pigmented
-it might stain your lover's lips, shirt, your fingers: again, very pigmented

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Why We Need "Girl Time"

My girlfriend and "half sister" Gail from college who I will always love in the whole world.

my new-found girlfriend Allison from my ex-company. I just love her! :D

With Allison, Lucky and Ralen, best memories with them!

Sarah! I just have to tell this story. Sarah was like an hour late for our girl bonding so when she finally arrived, we sang "Happy Birthday" to bring attention to her arrival, the staff  at Skylounge in Vivere  thought that it was actually Sarah's birthday and gave her a cake and sang "Happy Birthday" after our dessert. We were already so full and couldn't finish the cake. We burst out laughing. 

Christmas party with my former officemates.
I got really tipsy here and started singing "Umbrella"

I am actually not a huge fan of all-female barkadas. Pictures from my high school would discourage me from ever joining or forming one and to this day, I still can't believe I could go out with a bunch of estrogen with bodies. Much as men are dumbfounded about the mysteries of women, I, myself am astonished on how an all-female group can actually function. Women are unpredictable and full of ironies, we are moody and can be needy. I admit that. What I cannot understand though, is how women could bitch about another female for a month yet still say "hello", smile and hang out with that twat. Another reason why I have or had enemies. I just can't be plastic like that. If I hate someone, I'll let him or her know how I think with my look of distaste followed by snide comments and the inevitable confrontation. No, I cannot be a Jedi. Yes, life is too short to be with despicable people. 

On the other hand, inside every woman lies a "girl" I could connect to. This "girl" is the selfish yet happy and partying Id I could identify with and can tap into. Hence I give you the top 10 reasons why we need our "Girl Time" :

1. Listening to other women will actually help you with your problems by diverting your attention away from your self you selfish, selfish person.

2. Having friends helps your image. You have more photos having fun with girls therefore, people especially men, will actually think you're a very sociable and understanding human being and would not poison them after sleeping with you.

3."Girl Time" may mean a lot of things like going out and  having make-overs so that your girlfriends can tell you how pretty you are because your self esteem highly depends on what other girls think of you. A boost of self confidence is always good for you.

4. Sleepovers will let you know who your real girlfriends are. If they love you without your make-up and genuinely tell you so, then she is NOT your friend. She is secretly trying to make you go out in your pajamas and will not make you strive to look better. If a man tells you that you're beautiful without make up after the deed, he's a keeper.

5.  You can actually talk about sex with girlfriends and not feel embarrassed about how dirty you are. In fact, girlfriends are always the best people to talk about sex than with guys since you don't have to end up sleeping with them or if you didn't sleep with them, they wouldn't call you a slut after so much sex talk but no action.

6. Time with your girls will always come in handy after the inevitable break-up. A word of advise: if you're going to cry and your girls hug you, listen to you and give you advise, make sure to thank them by extending the same courtesy when it's their turn, or agree to pay half of the bill in your chosen restaurant you chose to let your "feelings" out.

7. Having  pretty women/girls around you keeps you on your toes and will always  challenge you to be better, have better, look better and do better. Admit it.

8. A group of girls can be used as a protection against freaks and "mahangin" sort of men. A group of women huddled together is as effective as the Spartan formation in 300.

9. When one of  your girlfriends go on a vacation or any special occasion, you get freebies. Who doesn't want freebies?

10. Lastly, some girlfriends come and some girlfriends go but there will always be one who will stay who's either a childhood friend or a sister, but that one person can change your life and will actually complete you. She can be your soul mate or your guardian angel, whatever she is, it's always good to have one even with all her whirlwind love life, moodiness, bitchiness, ironies, self esteem issues. Well, it's not like you aren't the same, yet she stayed.

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              <3: girlfriends
             =( :  girlfriends

January 23, 2012

Dolly Girl by Anna Sui 2012 Planner

A lazy day in our hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Our tools to preserve our memories: diary/planner, HD cam, laptop and our cams.

I have been looking for the perfect planner for 2012 and was finally able to get this at Kinokuniya, Singapore.

Just what I needed

The design is so cute and so me

Enough space for writing

and cute stickers for marking some important events!

The gothic-lolita design is just cute and I've been an Anna Sui fan for a while now so it's all good. <3

Not sure if really sleeping or just resting my eyes in the "bitch please. I'm so hungover" kind of manner. Hahaha.

View from our little spot

Mark decided to join me and guess what.. we're 9gaging lol

view from our spot. Full of white people sunbathing. 
    After weeks of searching for the right planner, on-line, in Powerbooks, Fully Booked, National Bookstore, cafes etc., I finally found the perfect planner for me this 2012! I was not impressed by Starbucks' planner this year since it didn't have enough space for doodling so I opted to try my luck in Kinokuniya, Singapore. I've been frequenting Kinokuniya in Sydney because of ALL their amazing Japanese mangas, magazines, Copic Sketch markers and books. I was almost about to give up until I found this lovely Dolly Girl by Anna Sui planner. The cover, design and freebies inside captivated me. A good year starts with a good planner I must say.
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              <3: Anna Sui
             =( : cold pools

January 22, 2012

Gray Areas

Cardigan and singlet from Topman, Levis jeans, Benchshoes

Shirt from HK, leggings from Topshop, bracelets from Aldo Accessories, silver Longchamp LM bag, Parisian wedges

just a nice view of atc
just my date :)

my trusty Longchamp from Switzerland. :)

my super comfy wedges with faux FUUURRR

We went out to ATC for lunch. We were a bit sick during this time hence the brooding atmosphere and looks on our faces.
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Beauty Haul: January 2012 Product Favorites

Hello lovelies! This is my first beauty haul for 2012. These are relatively affordable products and can be bought in any mall near you. I bought the lippies and concealer in a Mac stand at Sephora back in Singapore, while others were purchased at Etude House and PCX in Festival Mall here in Alabang.  I noticed I bought too much lippies since I still have a lot of unused lipsticks and palettes. I don't really finish any of them.  

When it comes to a night regimen on the other hand, I'm actually a low-maintenance kind of lady. The products I use are :   

1. Happy Teatime Cleansing Cream from Etude House in Aloe Tea and now Lemon Tea 
- With a cotton pad, I wipe this soft cream over my face to remove my make-up every night before using my facial wash. This product is really amazing and affordable. After a month of using it, I haven't had any breakouts and my skin improved! I also had an easier time cleaning my face that I didn't need to use toner in some evenings.  

2. Etude House Lip and Eye Make-up remover
-I think I already featured this in my previous haul but what the heck. I noticed that I've been using too much of the Happy Teatime for removing eye make-up which I think isn't recommended according to the box (oops!) so, I properly bought my original eye make-up remover. Affordable but always out of stock. Must be really popular with ze ladies.

After washing my face with L'Oreal or Celeteque cleansers, I apply: 

3. Nivea Visage Q10 plus Anti-Wrinkle Night care
-I wasn't planning on buying this but I was desperate on trying to find the perfect night cream. I really want to start a proper night regimen since I only put Celeteque moisturizer before I sleep. I want to try a whole set of night creams/ serums that I could rely until I get old. I want to start a more aggressive campaign for a healthier skin for the next 10 years. I know it's kind of late but hey, better late than never. Anyway, I noticed that my skin became visibly smoother and softer after using this for a week. Cliche but it is a good product I must say.

Then I put Elizabeth Arden eye cream or Garnier Light Brightening eye roll-on

-end of night regimen-


4. MAC concealer
-I've been using this for a while now but never actually blogged about it. I really like the consistency of the product and how it matches my skin tone as it covers my blemishes. Easy to apply and blends well with my other make-up products. Best of all, it's actually very light on my skin.

5. MAC lippies
-I shall not mention the colors since I'm reserving them for a review. I've been using MAC lipstick for 5 years now and would have an on and off relationship with it since I first purchased one in Sydney. Ahh good times. There was one color that I really liked so I bought two sticks because I will make sure to use this tone for the whole year. The other purplish color was bought due to Mark's obsession with it on my lips. He thought it was so sexy and radical we just had to buy it. Go figure.

6. Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Powder Foundation
- It really holds everything in place...my eyes, nose. I'm kidding. What I mean is that it keeps my make-up from running or my face from getting shiny and oily. It can cake sometimes and is paler than my skin tone. Will see if I will continue using this.

 7. Revlon Colorburst Lipstick
-Ah, MAC's rival in my heart. They do really good lipsticks too you know and they are way more affordable. It's just more convenient to buy this lipstick since the nearest MAC store to me is in Makati.

8. Ever Bilena matte lipstick in super hot scarrrlllett
-This is my dirty secret. I have friends who recommended that SOME of Ever Bilena's lippies are actually not bad. I didn't buy this one though. One of my relatives gave this to me last Christmas with this really cool/ old school lipstick case in the same hot red. I couldn't get enough of this lip color. It's terribly drying but wait 'til you see the photos. This is dirt cheap and I highly recommend this for girls on a tight budget and would like to have a nice collection. 

That's it for now. More beauty reviews hopefully soon. I am waaaayyy behind my posts. Sorry about that! Muaah.

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January 10, 2012

Best Man To Be On Tour

Best tour guide in the world :)

Hello from Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia!

Tam Prom Temple, Siem Reap: We had to take a pic here where Tomb Raider was filmed. Tomb Raider was once Mark's fave video game.

We apologize for the lack of posts. We've been traveling and will be back after a couple of weeks.  We will also be giving reviews, info, guidelines and tips about traveling to different places from Europe to Asia. It's quite hard to blog while on tour since we're almost always tired but happy. We only have ourselves, our luggage, our Luxe guide and enthusiasm. Mark has been organizing everything and has been the best companion EVER. I love him so much. He really anticipates all our needs, is very good with the map and has charmed all the locals we have met. He chooses only the best boutique hotels, best restaurants and is always considerate of my needs. Mark provides meaningful commentary everywhere we go and is cynically witty like Sheldon. I don't have a boring moment with this intelligent guy. I would like to recommend him as a tour guide but I'd like to keep him for myself. :p

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              <3: Siem Reap and Mark
             =( : we're still a bit sick T__T

January 05, 2012

Little Miss Vivienne

 Dress from Candies, headband from Hong Kong, bow necklace from Terranova, rings from F21, gray knee high socks from David Jones, Vivienne Westwood Melissa Temptation 2 Mushroom Buckle Court Shoes

 I'm sorry but I just have to take pictures of these lovely shoes! They're so cute I could just eat them! Aside from the lolita style, these babies are sooooo comfortable! I was choosing between this shade of pink or the red one but Mark preferred this color; I recently bought red pumps therefore this was an obvious choice. Also, Vivienne Westwood is a staple in any gyaru or stylish otaku...think Nana, Nana Kitade and the like so I'm very happy because these really make the child in me scream kawaii!

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             <3: Vivienne Westwood
            =( : saying goodbyes

January 04, 2012

Bangkok, Thailand 2009

Bangkok is a city that defies expectations. Away from the backpacker hangouts of Khaosan Road and Patpong is a cosmopolitan metropolis that gives a window of how Manila can improve. Staying in Sukhumvit, the efficient Skytrain and candy-colored taxis took us to the Royal Palace, temples, Chinatown and the smorgasbord of fashion shopping at MBK mall. The Thai were wonderfully hospitable. After befriending the salon owner who did my hair extensions, she drove us down to Khaosan Rd in her BMW so we could checkout even more deals. With so many tourists, markets, food and shopping, Bangkok was a lively, circus carnival, more cultured, entertaining and inspiring than most people realize.

 Useful Tips for Bangkok

1. If you want to stay in a five-star hotel for maybe 5 days, prepare at least S1,000 or P43-45k for accommodation and at least S1,000 for everything else. I know you can tour Thailand for a cheaper price but we're talking about a good hotel in Sukhumvit which is their business district and a good location close to all the tourist sites. 

2. The cheapest airfare is usually with Cebu Pacific or Philippine Airlines Lite Fare.

3. Explore outside the tourist areas of Khaosan Road. Bangkok's full of art culture and live music.

4. Whatever you do, do not enter any bars or restaurants in the red light district to use the toilet. They will tell you that you can pee for free but once you're in, they will charge you 1,000 Baht or P1,000 even for a 5-minute use of the toilet. It will be very tempting to evacuate in these bars since you will get tired from shopping or walking around the night markets which surround the red light district. 

5. Refrain from walking and use the public transport system. It's very good.

6. Don't go to any jewelry stores or tailors that your taxi driver recommends. They are ALL SCAMS. 

7. Be prepared to use sign language or learn Thai. Most people, even in the best hotels, will have difficulty speaking English.

8. After a long day walking around temples, YOU MUST TRY a massage house in any part of the temple complex. I don't know what it is about Thais but they're very good with their massage.

9. Items at the malls can be cheap but it's a lot cheaper to shop at the night markets on Khaosan Road. 

10. I dare you to shop a lot. You can't get items that will be cheaper in any country than Thailand or China.

By the way, we went there for Valentine's day to celebrate. Romantic.

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             <3: Thailand
            =( : sore throat

January 03, 2012

Punchdrunk Panda’s Muni Travel Journal


We got a really nice treat from the mailman!

can you just smell it just from looking at it? pure leather goodness!

Here's my friend Nica!!! I miss you! Thanks again!! <3

Guess what I got last night? I would like to thank my good friend Nica Kim from Punchdrunk Panda for these awesome travel journals. Grabee Nica, sobrang tuwang tuwa ako nung nakita ko to!! They're so perfect I wanted to eat them! Hahaha they look like movie props with all the rugged and classy vintage authenticity, I'm afraid to use
 them! haha

and so, since we loved it so much we decided to make a review: 

Punchdrunk Panda’s Muni Travel Journal in partnership with Yabang Pinoy

Yabang Pinoy has embarked on a nation building project of fostering true nationalism, through ideas, words and deeds, generating respect and love of country amongst all of us, beyond empty symbols and meaningless slogans. Punchdrunk Panda combines Filipino industrial design talent to create ultra hip consumer products with a functional, yet funky edge. Together both have given birth to an awesome travel journal.

Wrapped in treated leather with a drawstring closure and velvet soft pages, the Muni Travel Journal looks like it came straight out of an Indiana Jones film. The vintage feel is contrasted with neat modern sketches of the best travel spots in the Philippines, scattered throughout the pages; and a crisp summary of travel spots sketched out. 

Loaded with all this juicy insider information wrapped in a gorgeous leather case, the Muni Travel Journal reminds me how beautiful and rich our country is - from our landscapes to our talented industrial designers.

To sweeten the deal, a portion journal’s proceeds go to the Children’s Environmental Awareness and Action Foundation (CEAAF).

Again we would like to thank Nica for these!
If you want one you may email her at:

or visit:


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             <3: travel journals!
            =( : still sick
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