December 31, 2012

HURRAH FOR 2012!!!

2012 is one of the best years I've had. I have never been happier! 
Here are the highlights of my year :)

      -From Nov 2011-Nov 2012

Conduct a lecture in UP
    -Thank you again, Sir Dennis Aguinaldo for the opportunity!

✔ Climb a Mountain: Peak 2 Mt. Makiling
    -with UP Epsilon Chi Fraternity and UP Chi Epsilon Sorority :)

Graduate from UP Manager's Course-UP Diliman  and Academic Achievements for me and my loved ones.
  -Our group won BEST IOSA REPORT!!! Kind of like "Best Thesis" or something to that effect hehe! We acted as consultants to a company and I was in charge of the marketing aspect of the report. I'm so proud of my group! I miss my Masigasig and Matatag friends :)
I graduated from college in UPLB, now, I am also a graduate of UP Diliman. UP all the way! :)

Millie: 2009 Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts, major in Writing-UP Los Banos, 2012 UP Manager's Course Graduate, UP Diliman-will now pursue her Master's degree abroad in 2013.
Margie (my sister): 2012 Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in Visual Communication, magna cum laude-UP Diliman-currently working for a multinational company.
Mark (my boyfriend): Bachelor of Arts Government and International Relations, University of Sydney-currently finishing his law degree in Sydney.
Gail (my bestfriend): 2012 Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, UP Los Banos-currently taking her Master's degree in Human Ecology in UPLB.

Congratulations to all of us! I'm proud of my family 

Pass the TOEFL Exam

Study abroad
   -Still waiting for my University of Sydney application!

Get a new laptop and camera
-after postponing this for 2 years out of busyness and laziness, finally got my gadgets changed.

✔ Create my art portfolio
-My actual art portfolio is a PDF file. I still haven't updated this tumblr but at least I've already finished the portfolio. :) I submitted it to UP Fine Arts but then I got offers abroad, so yeah. Anyway, I wish I can upload evrything soon :)

  Go to Japan this 2013
-Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, here I come!
 I love these TV shows!
Movies I enjoyed and movies I'm excited to see :)
Music that got me through 2012: Lana, Marilyn Manson, Massive Attack, Portishead, Russian Red, Kimbra, Yuna, Birdy and Goldfrapp


 To all my friends from UPLB, SMS and Insular Life, I love you all!
 Best birthday week ever!!!
Joel and Gail: The closest people who know me and who have accepted me for who I am. You cried with me, laughed with me and fought with me and for me. I will never forget you both. I love you with all my heart.
I am thankful to have my ever supportive family, my lovely pets and our adorable new puppies.

and of course, the love of my life: Mark.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2013 will be full of love, happiness and new adventures for all of us! Cheers!

Hurrah for 2011!

Questions? Talk to me here: Millie's Ask.FM

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December 28, 2012

Fifth Day of A Million Years Shoot

Photography: Margaret Morales
Photo Editing: Millie Morales 
Make Up: Millie Morales
Model: Mika Pozon

Just a shoot I did with my friend, Mika and my sister. I miss doing this. I miss doing make-up on other people. I've been so busy, I don't even have time to do my own make-up jeez! By the way, we only did the shoot in our house so it was really relaxed :)

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Listening to: Take Me Somewhere Nice by Mogwai 
       Loving: Japan trip
            =(: lack of sleep

Feels Like College: Laiya 2012

Clear blue skies :)
Luto ni Jords? Hehe
Ang magkakaibigan. Bow. Hahaha!
Tato and his dad playing with the sand. Cute ni Tato!
Dhimple braiding my hair! Thank you! :)
I think this is my best stolen shot ever. I love this family, Camille, Jomi and Tato :)

Fun-filled weekend with UP Epsilon Chi Fraternity and Chi Epsilon Sorority's sem-ender last October ♥
I always go to the beach with my family and my boyfriend. Last time I went to the beach with some of my friends, I was in Sydney years ago. Living the slow-paced life at the beach even for a weekend, calms me and rejuvinates my spirit. Top it off with the company of merry men and women with humorous banter and you begin to enjoy the simple things in life. I feel an inexplicable joy whenever I'm around this frat/soro. It must be because they still value the art of conversation over forever checking their smart phones for the latest updates, taking hundreds of pics or 'checking in' each place we go. It was like the old days when you went to the beach, set up camp while some people bought fresh meat/fish from the market. Some will cook or grill their dinner, others swam whilst others sat on the beach with liquor in their hands, swapping jokes.  When I'm with them, I feel younger, I feel like I'm back in college with all my happiest memories. They're the funniest, wittiest and most down-to-earth bunch I know.
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Listening to: Turn It Well by Up Dharma Down
       Loving: EpChi and ChiEp
            =(: I miss them

My Room: Damask In Bloom Part 2

After almost 6 years of not really sleeping/staying in my room, I decided to give it a bit of 'face lift' last August-October.
I kept on changing the looks of little corners, constantly adding and removing things.
These pictures were taken last September and this post has been in my drafts ever since, as evidenced by a pic of my old laptop.
There is something special about this line. I dunno. It always makes me happy whenever I hum it or see it.
You will see the progress of my desk in these pics.
The Rukawa pencil holder is from my very close friend back in high school, Carla Chua. The angel figurine came from a very special foreign friend, the picture frame and card are from Mark and the cross with rosary came from Tita Glo, a family friend and my mother's mentor who passed away. Eiffel Tower figurine is from Paris.
Tumbler's from HK. Some books I enjoyed, make up brushes and make up palettes.
Some bangles and earrings.
Personal make-up kit and some books.
my dresser before!

Some unused art materials. If you're a big anime fan/otaku, you'll know what Copic Sketch Markers are for. I've been dying to have them since I was a child. Mark bought them for me in twos or threes from Sydney and Singapore as pasalubong. Now, he brings home lipsticks...ahhh times have changed.
More to keep! Porcelian doll is from my mother and vintage Ray-Ban's from my dad. 

I am now publishing some of my backlogs, starting from my Camiguin trip. I should've posted this last September but got lost in my drafts. My first attempt to renovate my room can be seen at:
Hope this inspires you to decorate and clean your room for the new year!
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Listening to: Smother by Daughter
       Loving: my puppies
            =(: exhausted
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