December 31, 2011

Sydney, Australia 2008

On our way to the Opera House

Cos we were so young..

view from our condo in Milsons Point. Beautiful eh?

Arrived. We felt like rockstars haha

Goodmorning Syd

our condo

Breakfast at Balmoral, 5 minutes away from Mark's house

(From left to right) Kirribilli ,  Botanical Gardens,  Hayden Orpheum Theater,  Queen Victoria Building,

Sydney conjures many nostalgic memories. A home away from home; a vision of the past, and possibly a window to the future. It has somehow become a part of me. I feel it in cool breezes, I see it in old, Victorian-era buildings; I taste it in gourmet food and I re-live it whenever I have fun. Sydney is all these things - a melding of dignified past and future, a place of enjoyment and leisure, of chilly winters and burnt summers. My first visit had me enchanted with the sandstone clad Queen Victoria Building, a shopping area and landmark with old tiles, stained glass windows and copper domes, the quiet Balmoral Beach and its killer Bather’s Pavilion Restaurant, its bustling Chinatown and grand harbor views from the North Shore. The Art Gallery beckoned, with the annual Archibald Prizes, adding an extra treat. But what struck me the most was Bennelong Point. Crowned with Sydney Opera House, the white sails across the harbor were a sight to behold. 

Listening to: Endless, A Silent Whisper by Urbandub
           <3 : Sydney
           =( :  I miss short hair

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