December 18, 2011

Little Trinkets From Europe

swiss watch from Bucherer with Swarovski crystals, uber cute keychains from London

spoon from Bucherer, swiss fridge magnet, Eiffel tower figurine (bronze), sample Eiffel tower keychain, some swiss choco

german chocolates and a swatch watch for my sister
Little trinkets I got from Europe. I actually bought a keychain from each country but I was too lazy to find the others.  Some German, Swiss and Belgian chocolates and Swiss watches. I also bought 30 Eiffel tower keychains for officemates and friends and three Eiffel tower figurines in bronze, silver and gold for my mother and 2 special persons. I also got a silver Longchamp LM bag and a Ray Ban wayferer which I will post next time; bought it in Switzerland, tax free :)

Some Shopping Tips:
>If you want a souvenir from each country, a keychain or fridge magnet is better instead of expensive tshirts which I think are kind of a rip off and will add excess weight in your luggage but if hey, if you want tshirts go ahead.
>If you're planning to go to Switzerland, you can buy items in Bucherer tax free for every 300 Swiss Francs worth of items. For some odd reason, I shopped more in Switzerland.
>Do not buy Eiffel tower figurines and keychains in stores in Paris. They are a lot cheaper in stalls or street vendors. Trust me.
> If you want to buy a lot of chocolates, you can get HUGE HUGE ones like the size of a bag in stopovers in Germany. One bar can feed 2 classrooms and they're very cheap.

Listening to :  You Can Be The One by Late Night Alumni
             <3: trinkets
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  1. Loved your Europe photos :) Ang sweet mo talaga, you brought home something for everyone :D

  2. Thank you Krista!! ikaw, ang sweet naman ng comment mo hehehe :D


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